A Review of CMG: the AI-Powered Cooperative-Trading Platform

A Review of CMG: the AI-Powered Cooperative-Trading Platform


Crypto Mining Group (CMG) is a cooperative trading platform that integrates AI to maximize profits for participants.

AI-Powered Trading Bots

The main product offered by CMG is its trading bot. On the platform, there are three trading bots, developed by a team of experts internally. The bots are AI baked, which allows them to learn and evolve as market conditions change. As a result, users of the platform benefit from unique risk control when participating in the market.

Why CMG is Unique

One of the reasons that makes CMG platform so unique, is because of the fact about how the team has embraced total transparency on operation of the platform and everything is developed by a highly qualified R&D team. The platform is easily accessible to anyone who wants to trade. Even when users have no trading experience, all they need is $100 to start.

CMG is also a unique pioneer in the use of BTC – all income is paid in BTC, their operations are in BTC and all withdrawals are in BTC. Another unique aspect of the platform is the profit-sharing system that allows users to maximize profits by creating a friendly circle.

How to Join CMG

To get started, users will need to make an initial minimum deposit of $100 in BTC. After that, they can then sit back and start generating weekly profits. To maximize profits, a user can invite others and create a friendship circle. The platform offers crucial steps towards financial independence.

How CMG Distributes Earnings

70% of all earnings on the platform are sent to users, 15% is the company commission, 1% is the stock market yield, and 5% goes to the guarantee. The remaining 15% is sent to the friendship circle system.

On CMG, users can get a monthly ROI of 10% to 25%. Besides that, users get a share of the company’s monthly earnings (BAG). Additionally, CMG has an exclusive compound interest system that lets users maximize their yields.

About the Friendship Circle

The friendship circle system is a referral network that allows users to maximize the amount of money that can be made on CMG. It’s built on 8 levels and has no width limits. Profits are generated weekly from the members of the friendship circle. With the referral program, users can make a commission as high as 4% from their friendship circle.

The Membership Types

On CMG, users can opt for standard or premium membership. With the standard membership, there is no monthly fee. The performance for a standard membership is set at 70% of profits generated and withdrawals occur monthly. Users can go up to level 3 within the friendship circle referral program. However, there is no stock exchange participation with this membership.

The second membership type is the premium membership, that comes with a $25 monthly membership fee paid in the CMGCoin. Performance with the premium membership is set at 70% of profits generated, but in this case, withdrawals can be made weekly. Users with a premium membership can access all eight levels of the friendship circle referral program. Besides that, premium membership unlocks stock exchange participation with the monthly distribution.

About the CMGCoin

The CMG Coin is the native token of the CMG platform. It was designed as an ERC20 coin and it has utility outside the platform. To maximize profit for users, the coin has its own core network that ensures the scalability and security of the platform efficiently. It can be integrated with smart contract technology that runs on Ethereum. As a result, users of digital services that use the CMGCoin enjoy high levels of security and transparency.

To maximize the utility of the coin, the CMG team has created a payment platform for it that is easy to integrate into any online platform. The objective, is to make it the preferred coin for online payments. Combined with the high security, anonymity, and the high speed of transactions offered by the coin, it is the ideal coin for online payments.

On the CMG platform, the coin is the main payment method for the services offered. It helps to reduce fees for users and maximize profits for them in the unique multi-level platform. There is a total supply of 10,000,000 CMGCoins with 8 decimals.


For people looking to take part in the market profitability without any experience, CMG is a great platform. With so little, using $100 as an investment, one can begin earning a passive income. The platform’s professionally designed bots, with AI baked into them, will help to maximize the chances of profitability.