FreeMarket ONE Launches the Second Alpha Version of Its Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace for Precious Metals Trading

FreeMarket ONE Launches the Second Alpha Version of Its Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace for Precious Metals Trading

FreeMarket ONE

Online investing has made things a lot easier over the last few years for investors and traders. In fact, it has become popular to the extent that trading stocks, commodities, and other precious metals these days just happen over smartphones.

However, one needs to understand that while using online mediums to invest and trade, privacy takes a back seat. Investments are in constant scrutiny of the trading platforms and ultimately fall under the eyes of regulators.

So is there no way out, to invest freely without constantly worrying about privacy every time? FreeMarket ONE is one such anonymous decentralized marketplace that allows its platform users to trade precious metals worldwide.

The concept of the anonymous decentralized marketplace has been here for quite some time, however, only a few players have managed to bring it to fulfillment. FreeMarket ONE team understands the challenges of operating an anonymous decentralized marketplace as the team has successfully launched the Alpha 2 version.

FreeMarket ONE – Blockchain Driven Decentralized Marketplace

FreeMarket ONE leverages the benefits of blockchain technology and provides a peer-to-peer anonymous decentralized marketplace for investors and traders who are into the trading of precious metals.

FreeMarket ONE platform gives traders complete freedom to connect with global players and trade precious metals without any limits and restrictions. This project is a peer-to-peer marketplace and thus there’s no third-party involved in the transaction. This helps to maintain absolute transparency as the two trading parties directly connect with each other.

Being completely decentralized, the FreeMarket ONE blockchain platform has no central authority and servers. Thus, there are no chances of third-party attacks, external thefts, or shutdowns.

FreeMarket ONE ensures that identity always remains protected from regulators, governments, and other individuals. The best thing is that one doesn’t need to provide any KYC data or personal information to be a user on the platform.

While the world has been connected over the internet long back, traders have always remained at the risks of regulatory scrutiny and government intervention. Moreover, massive taxes and transaction costs have kept many traders away from trading into precious metals.

But breaking these barriers, FreeMarket ONE provides traders an excellent new opportunity to be a part of this billion-dollar-market once again. Although the FreeMarket ONE app majorly focuses on precious metals and cryptocurrency, it isn’t limited to that.

Traders can trade almost anything, as the platform uses Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC) as the settlement layer for all deals on the marketplace. The platform charges no listing fees or other fees when an item is sold.

Using Double Blockchain and Encryption Solution to Protect Trader Identity

FreeMarket ONE has implemented some innovative solutions to make sure that user identity remains completely anonymous and safe. The app involves the implementation of two blockchains in parallel running side by side.

The first acts as a base blockchain and stores all important information like users’ encrypted data, reviews, and ranks system. These records are permanently stored on the blockchain.

The second blockchain implements a float genesis block and contains complete data about trade history and other offers. This expires periodically every 3-6 months. Thus all public records of transactions on the main blockchain get cleared out periodically.

This helps to avoid scrutiny from unfriendly entities. After cleaning out the data, the blockchain generates a new genesis block providing a fresh platform for traders to trade again. This is an efficient system that ensures the safe storage of encrypted data as well as the prevention of theft.

Another benefit for FreeMarket ONE traders is that the platform is built atop Tor which provides censorship resistance. Upon loading the application, it automatically connects to tor.

Additionally, the platform also facilities an encrypted chat system for buyers and sellers to communicate privately.

The platform also has a barter system of trading. That means, one can trade one precious metal against the other as per the real-time market-exchange rate.

FreeMarket One is a revolutionary decentralized platform that allows global precious metal traders to connect with each other and trade under high-end blockchain-based security.

Become a vendor on FreeMarketOne and be a part of this revolution.