OkCash: Registering Phenomenal Growth In the Crypto World With Interesting Passive Income Opportunities

OkCash: Registering Phenomenal Growth In the Crypto World With Interesting Passive Income Opportunities


Decentralized open-source hybrid cryptocurrency Ok Cash has come a long way with its community expanding in size over the last few months. This highly efficient and self-sustaining cryptocurrency aims to bring crypto use to the mainstream by facilitating faster transactions with a high confirmation rate and low transaction fee.

The OkCash’s native network OK Network, which is also an open-source network, has seen some key developments over the last year.

The OkCash Platform Transformation In 2020

OKCash, also called the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Bitcoin, underwent a major network halving event during the mid-2020. The network halving event upgraded the staking rewards on the platform to 22%.

As per the upgrade, all the OKCash crypto holders can benefit from these high staking rewards up to August 2021. Post that period the staking rewards will reduce to half i.e. 11%.

OkCash is only one of those a few crypto platforms offering these high staking rewards to its users. Besides, at a time when inflation is likely to surge ahead, these high staking rewards will offer a good return to investors.

Over the last few months, the OK Network has also been updated to the new version of the wallet. Some of these have been network-level upgrades that include upgraded connections and better initialization response.

The other upgrade for the OKCash wallet has been security level upgrades for better network insulation and performance. The good thing about the wallet is that all transactions are secured via military-grade cryptography offering a strong shield to the wallets and private keys. The OK wallets are available on all three major computing platforms like Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

As said earlier, the OK Cash cryptocurrency facilitates faster transactions with high confirmation rates that make it ideal for IoT-based applications. Thus, the OK Network also hosts different kinds of mobile wallets like hardware wallets and IoT wallets. This makes it suitable for OKCash users to make quick mobile payments as well as micro-payments for different products and services.

The latest development involves the integration of OKCash cryptocurrency on MyCointainer Exchange. On the other hand, the OKCash cryptocurrency is also available at SwapSpace. Thus, users can swap other digital assets with OKCash in a smooth, secure, and limitless manner.

Being Part of the OkCash Ecosystem

Over a period of time, OKCash has evolved from being a hybrid cryptocurrency to a full-fledged Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency. The reason for the transition was better decentralization and an energy-friendly consensus model.

Anyone can be a part of the OkCash ecosystem just by using the cryptocurrency to make purchases as well as receive payments. Besides, users can also run a full-node OK Wallet on their computers over the internet.

Users can stake their OKCash holdings and earn passive income as well as process transactions and help in securing the network. Staking of the OKCash token via the native wallet or other staking pools.

Users can get all the information relating to buying OKcash and wallet installations via a list of tutorials provided. On the other hand, OKCash developers have been working on a self-governance system allowing other players to submit their projects on the OkCash platform.

About OKCash

All-in-all, OKCash platforms with their native cryptocurrency OKCash offer decentralized solutions catering to next-generation technologies like the IoT. Besides, it also aims to push crypto use-case in different real-world applications. Users can buy the OKCash cryptocurrency through popular exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, UpBit, and Binance. OKcash payments can also be done on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter using features like Social Send Platform.