Centralized Market Leaders are Joining the Crypto bandwagon

Centralized Market Leaders are Joining the Crypto bandwagon

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With so many coins in the red zone, the predominant trend in the crypto market right now is downwards. This has led to some people labeling this as the end of the crypto market. On the other hand, some prominent market leaders and influencers are quite confident with their firmly positive outlook of the market, especially bitcoin.

Market Leaders Testing the Waters

With so many market experts believing that the market will take a turn soon enough, it is becoming quite evident that the crypto market still has a lot to offer. There has also been reporting of other traditional market influencers who were on the sidelines earlier one, shifting their attention fully or partially toward the crypto market. All these should be considered as an indication that the crypto market is still on track and has not failed contrary to the rumors the naysayer are peddling.

Ric Edelman Joined Bitwise

A significant example of a prominent market leader taking on responsibility in the cryptocurrency scene, in recent time is Ric Edelman. He recently joined Bitwise Management, a prominent crypto-focused index provider, as a lead investor and counselor. His action to do this at a time when the Crypto market is currently getting backlashes from the media, as well as some conservative government agencies, has been greatly commended by the crypto community at large.

The prominent market leader as a result of his current appointment with Bitwise Management has been asked to do a sit down with CNBC’s Fast Money panel to discuss his agenda and his overall plans towards the crypto industry, especially Bitwise.
The panel started by asking him why he is predominantly bullish on bitcoin.

To answer this, Ric said: “I’m bullish on it because Bitcoin is now 10 years old, it’s a $200 billion market when it comes to crypto total, Bitcoin is about 40% of that. Clearly, it is here to stay. There’s a massive amount of investments going into the blockchain and crypto assets specifically.”

He further explained that the lack of knowledge on the crypto market by many financial advisors who are in the right place to discuss crypto assets and blockchain technologies with their clientele has also hindered the overall growth of the industry thus making adoption of blockchain technology difficult.

As a result of this, Ric is of the belief that the most pressing agenda of the industry is to educate people.