Meet CryptoFlow Exchange

Meet CryptoFlow Exchange

CryptoFlow exchange

In the past, the Cryptocurrency industry is known for hosting many half-baked projects which have led to a lack of trust in the industry to some extent. Fortunately, recent times have seen the return of some top-notch innovation into the cryptocurrency scene. These new projects are helping to build back the already damaged reputation of the industry. When listing various crypto projects serving as a knight in shining armor for the crypto industry, one notable crypto innovation that can’t be left out is CryptoFlow.

The project CryptoFlow

The influx of cryptocurrencies, hundreds of exchanges and the issues of regulations have made the simple steps involved in getting a coin or token a bit complicated than required. This is where CryptoFlow steps in.

The project is going to make the process of getting Cryptos easy and straightforward. Once the project launches, users will be able to make FIAT deposits and get their crypto of choice almost instantly.

With over 100 coins available on the platform, users can easily convert their National currency to crypto and get charged a small fee of 2%.

CryptoFlow has made it clear that it will not be functioning as a traditional crypto exchange. The project best describe its services as completing Atomic Swaps for investors and handling exchanges between currencies for the investor.

The Background of the Project

As of now, the number of Cryptocurrency coins and tokens available is above 3000 in number. This makes it very difficult for any exchange to list all these token or coin at once. As a result of this investor will need to keep transferring their funds from one wallet to the other, thereby exposing their funds to the risk of getting hacked. The risk and delay associated with moving funds from one account to another make it very difficult to buy or sell coins or token at the right prices, this might, in turn, lead to loss of investment.
Another important thing to take note of while making these multiple transfers is the fees being charged. These fees tend to compile over time and they are liable to eat up a major chunk of the investment capital.

All these and many more make the introduction of the CryptoFlow project even more pertinent.


To use the platform, users will be able to register on the official website found here ( and set up their account.
Once this process is done, a confirmed user will be able to buy about 100+ coins currently available on the platform. CryptoFlow has made it known that as the project grows, it is expected to add more coins to the platform.

Once the amount to be deposited is inputted in the required sections on the website, users need to make a transfer into the CryptoFlow bank account listed on the deposit page. Once this is done, the user needs to wait for some period to have the coin reflecting in their account.

CryptoFlow coin (CFL)

The introduction of the CryptoFlow coin (CFL) will serve as the driving force behind the growth of the platform. The CryptoFlow coin (CFL) is expected to take on multiple functions and also be available for trading on several exchanges. An investor can decide to hold and build masternodes to collect rewards.

Transfers for CryptoFlow coin (CFL) on the platform will also attract 0% fees.

More about the project and coin read HERE.

Investors in this projects will be rewards based on a prearranged loyalty program. For holding a CFL masternode for a long period, Investors will be entitled to a cut of the revenue stream. This is expected to commence once the program becomes stable and the revenue is consistent. The bonus will be paid out once a month and all masternodes holder at that particular time will receive a portion of this bonus. The bonuses to be shared is expected to be 25% of the amount of CFL transfers done by the platform that month.

The team of the project

Barry Doyle, Ireland

Barry is described as an entrepreneur at heart. At the age of 25, he founded a construction company. The company turned out to be in charge of carrying out the fitouts of all Apple’s store located Ireland and Northern Ireland. Barry later went on to found a distribution company and was the first to bring 3D printing pens to the UK and Irish markets (3Doodler). In 2013 he merged his company with the other co-founder of CryptoFlow, creating THINK Distributions.

Andrew Silverman, United Kingdom

This is another significant member of the CryptoFlow team. He founded a plumbing business at the age of 23 and his own distribution business three years later. Constantly focused on optimizing industries, Andrew found cryptocurrency and quickly realized that it too could benefit from this mindset.

CryptoFlow has made it clear that it core concern will be to provide a transparent and easy to operate environment for the purchase of crypto tokens and coins.

Another important thing the team promises is that users of the platform will be getting the best possible prices for their exchanges at all time.

Currently, CryptoFlow is available to residents of the United Kingdom. Over time the project will be extended to other parts of the world, starting with Europe.