CryptoKittes Reign as Number One DApp is Over

CryptoKittes Reign as Number One DApp is Over


CryptoKittes games reign as the number one dApp game is now over. According to a report, the dApp game in the number one spot is HyperDragons.

With Cryptocurrency Nothing is Permanent

When it comes to the Cryptocurrency market, nothing is ever certain. This means a current high or low price is never a determinant of success or failure in the long run. This can be said for popular dApp game, CryptoKittes. Although it has been ranking as the most popular game on the Ethereum network for quite some time it has now been replaced and pushed further down the line. The game has moved to the third position on a recently released list of ranking.


The CyptoKitties game makes it possible to breed, sell, and buy digital cats. Each token represents unique kitties on the blockchain. The genome found in each kitten is a unique one. The genome is a 256-bit code and it comprises several observable features. The 256-bit genomic features of each cat contain both the genotype and phenotypes of such cat.
Each kitten bred on the platform has numerous characteristic trait composition originating from its parents. The price of each kitten on the gaming platform is a function of demand and supply, which means it fluctuates regularly. Earlier this month, the game saw itself as the top popular game, but now it is sitting at the third.


Another game which moved to the second position based on the report is, Etheremon. The game is tagged as the Pokemon Version of Cryptokitties. The game developer boast of having the best security of any game on the Ethereum network.


The number one game according to the ranking is HyperDragons.The game is a strategy game where players can build kingdoms, gain funds, and fight dragons. Although it has a lower trading volume and wallet balance than both Etheremon and CryptoKittes, it has seen it users surged in the past few days.