DigiDinar Future-Ready Cryptocurrency Developed For the Kuwaiti and Arabian Gulf Natives

DigiDinar Future-Ready Cryptocurrency Developed For the Kuwaiti and Arabian Gulf Natives


The development and establishment of DigiDinar ordain a sea of change in the national cryptocurrency ecosystem. DigiDinar will bring more awareness about technology in the Arab world. Also, the platform allows the users to conduct peer to peer transactions within the region or with any global user.

The same platform will also allow users to earn passive income in the form of interest by holding DDR (DigiDinar). Further, the transactions are conducted with the Zerocoin protocol that ensures complete privacy and the un-traceability of transactions.

DigiDinar offers three kinds of trading commodities trading, global currency trading, and cryptocurrency trading. Furthermore, it offers a secure wallet, withdrawal into fiat currency, and lower transaction fees. All in all, DigiDinar is a well-regulated platform that has been awarded a brokerage and technology license by the nodal authority.

Cryptocurrency with a Focus on the Arab World

Forked from PIVX, DigiDinar is an open-source cryptocurrency that leverages the Zerocoin Proof of Stake technology. zPos leverages the wallets’ privatization, allows stealth staking, and earns rewards without any other user knowing about the transactions.

Further, the zPos block rewards are also higher than what a peer or validator might get with Masternodes and PoS. On the platform, the users can exchange DDR with other cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

It also allows the users to withdraw their wallet currency and by converting it into fiat currency. This implies that DigiDinar also acts as a real-time spot marketplace for both local and global audiences.

Staking is allowed for the native cryptocoin, DDR and by setting up the masternode. The minimum collateral to set us the masternode is 10,000 DDR. Creating a masternode account ensures that a continuous stream of passive income keeps on flowing.

To add tokens in the dedicated wallet, the local and international users can either use KNET or conduct a local or international wire transfer. Trading and exchanging the altcoints is faster, safer, and better from the DigiDinar Wallet

There are two different aspects here. The first aspect is the DigiDinar platform, where any user can come, register, verify, and start trading by buying DDR with KWD. Every user will get access to the comprehensive features list of the platform.

DDR is forked from PIVX, which means that it is a decentralized platform and also aids in voting and proposals.The second aspect is Local DigiDinar, another platform that allows the local users, including the residents from Kuwait and GCC nations.

Local DigiDinar is a vital cog to promote the use of cryptocurrency in Arab countries. The users can also leverage the local platform as an escrow account in promoting peer to peer transactions.

Benefits of Local DigiDinar

Apart from BTC, users can buy and sell DDR, USDT, ETH, LTC, DDRT, Q8E, GOLDR, and TCHO. The low transaction fee is also another one of the benefits accorded by the platform. Any peer to peer transaction that deals in DigiDinar invites zero fees.

For sending payments to any other currency wallet, and in another scenario, a 75% commission is applied on posting a trade. The Local DigiDinar platform is the panacea for all sorts of digital transactions required by the residents.

Keeping aside the trading part, the users can buy and send gift cards, trade-in different commodities, and deal in goods and services while leveraging the platform as an escrow account to ensure the authenticity and safety of transactions.

DigiDinar Token (DDRT)

DDRT is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and it leverages the ERC20 network. The DDRT tokens take precedence by initializing speedy transactions and prompt liquidation of the user’s assets present on the platform.

More than this, the DDRT is also used to convert the digital currencies to local currencies swiftly with superlative securitization of all the assets and transactions. Lastly, talking about the coin supply, a total of 120,000, 000 DDR are supplied in the PoS phase, and out of these 5 million coins are open for premining.

About DigiDinar Project Team

DigiDinar is registered in Kuwait and has been given a certification by the national industry department as an online cryptocurrency exchange brokerage and digital solutions institution.

Apart from the development team, DigiDinar is made with contributions from engineers, lawyers, finance, economics, and marketing guys to ensure the currency’s perfect relevance with the current situation circumstances.


DigiDinar and Local DigiDinar are bringing a great revolution to Kuwait and other GCC countries. The technology used to formulate, expand, and operationalize the cryptocurrency is unique and technically proficient in bringing about a change in its digital maturity.

Not only will it allow the citizens of the country to acquaint themselves with other cryptocurrencies present in the world, but also enable other cryptocurrency patrons to invest and trade in Kuwait without having to go through tight authoritarian regulations.