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Altwrap | Bringing the Freedom of Cross-Chain Transactions to the User’s Wallet at Lower Fees

The realm of crypto is observing new developments on a daily basis. The coming of crypto was a revolution, but its regular evolution is what inspired users to engage with these platforms. Another one of these developments facilitated by Martkist is Altwrap. Martkist has recently launched its wrapped tokens website, Altwrap that allows the users…
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Ultragate Project

ULTRAGATE – Unlocking Massive Investment Opportunities and Passive Income Generation for Crypto Enthusiasts

So far, we have heard about several blockchain platforms that cater to one or the other unique and specific services. But what if a project offers a multitude of services under one single ecosystem? Here’s presenting ULTRAGATE. Leveraging the power of blockchain, Ultragate provides users a fast and secure ecosystem comprising of all essential services…
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FreeMarket ONE

FreeMarket ONE Launches the Second Alpha Version of Its Decentralized Anonymous Marketplace for Precious Metals Trading

Online investing has made things a lot easier over the last few years for investors and traders. In fact, it has become popular to the extent that trading stocks, commodities, and other precious metals these days just happen over smartphones. However, one needs to understand that while using online mediums to invest and trade, privacy…
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Decentralized Marketplace Martkist to Unveil OTC Trading Desk and Online Forum

When we think of Anarchy, many of us involuntarily drift towards civil disobedience, violent protests, and vandalism. This is unfortunate because Anarchy is a highly scholarly public discourse of a world without hierarchical systems of governance where people collaborate freely and trade/goods exchange is prioritized. Introducing Martkist Martkist is an online marketplace that makes anarchical/decentralized…
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Phore Marketplace

Phore Introduces A New Web Browser to Access Its Decentralized Marketplace

The e-commerce industry is expanding at a very rapid pace and will continue to do so over the next decade. While the industry has come this far, it is still dominated by a few centralized players to a large extent. The Phore blockchain is committed bringing an important shift to this existing structure by introducing…
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Ultragate Project Overview

Ultragate – not only a cryptocurrency but also a job marketplace and an online marketplace. The products offered by Ultragate are fast, secure, and powered by blockchain. The three major arms of Ultragate are Jobgate, Marketgate, and the new Gambling platform. Jobgate connects job seekers and employers, whereas marketgate is an eCommerce store. The USP…
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MartKist: Changing The Face of Online Retail Industry Through Decentralized Marketplace

Over the last two decades, global e-commerce has exploded to every corner of the world as online trade and commerce has witnessed a massive surge. Giants like e-Bay, Amazon, Alibaba, and others have significantly dominated the marketplace with their robust technology and infrastructure. However, one of the major bottlenecks with these platforms is that they…
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Phore marketplace

Phore: A Decentralized Marketplace That Lets You Buy Anything and Everything

Several cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects have come over the last few years but only a few have managed to survive the test of times. This is because blockchain projects fail to address some core concepts of durability, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. The Phore blockchain platform addresses all these concerns and enables the transfer of value…
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