—Worlds First Fully Regulated Tokenised Securities Exchange is Live—Worlds First Fully Regulated Tokenised Securities Exchange is Live

A regulated tokenized securities exchange —, has been launched and operation on the platform has commenced. is Live users can now buy traditional financial assets using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform is currently celebrating its launch by offering the first 2,500 people on its waiting list 50 Euros. The exchange will be operating from the High Technology Park of Belarus, (an economic area where registered companies enjoy flexible taxes).

Currently, the exchange only supports the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The exchange, however, has plans to increase the number of supported cryptos as time goes on.

Confirming the launch of the exchange is a recent tweet from the exchange’s official Twitter account.

“The worlds first fully regulated tokenised securities exchange is finally here! Watch the video below to find out how it all works! Don’t forget to like & subscribe.”— (@CurrencyCom)

Belarus is Crypto Friendly

Belarus has one of the most friendly atmospheres for blockchain and crypto companies. It is also one of the countries where bitcoin is recognized as a legal currency. Smart contracts and ICOs are also legal in the country. For now, crypto mining, crypto trading, and ICOs are not taxed in the country. However, the government plans to start taxing them by 2023.

According to the Viktor Prokopenya, tech entrepreneur and founder of VP Capital, which launched the,” Belarusian crypto regulations were in the same league as international crypto regulations.”

Viktor also stated that:
“We believe that this project will allow Belarusian companies to attract additional funding both domestically and externally. Because at the moment the stock market of Belarus is far from the state in which it should be.”

According to the exchange’s whitepaper, about 150 is available on the platform. More assets will be added as time goes on.