Navigate the Internet Privately Using Lethean Coin

Navigate the Internet Privately Using Lethean Coin


One of the core reasons behind the creation of blockchain technology is centered around surfing the internet and conducting transactions without having to reveal your identity.

Before the creation of blockchain technology and the introduction of Bitcoin by Satoshi, the most popular way of maintaining anonymity online is through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN). Although blockchain technology has recorded numerous milestone and has seen its use case in some important online activities, the reach is still quite limited and not all major services accept payment in cryptos. Although new projects which are alternative to the traditional centralized based ones are being launched almost on a daily basis, it is quite important to note that new doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Going by this, one can easily infer that VPN still plays a major role in ensuring users have private connections to the internet. But as expected, using a virtual privat network to conduct your business online does not always guarantee you anonymity. Your VPN providers will most likely require you to submit some sort of identification. If not, they are likely to have your card or bank details stored on their database. All these factors still put your anonymity at risk.

Blockchain and VPN

Blockchain technology, on the other hand, offers you complete anonymity if done well. So for a few seconds imagine the combination of blockchain technology’s complete anonymity and VPN’s mainstream reach? Ultimate online anonymity right? Well, you don’t need to imagine this, as you can experience this for real, through the Lethean Coin project.

The Lethean Coin

The Lethean Coin was specially created for this new age of geo-restricted and digital censorship content. To empower its users to be able to buy full client VPN and web browser VPN services, the anonymous Cryptonote blockchain is incorporated into the Lethean Project. The purchase of these full client VPN and web browser VPN services is done through the Lethean Coin market-based server scheme which is unique.

The Lethean Project has a suite of privacy tools which is made available to all users. To access this, a user must download the Lethean wallet and browser extension which can be found on lots of popular browsers. In the wallet, a user can easily view the server marketplace for the country, price and speed the user desire. Once found and purchased, a connection can then take place and content which was otherwise censored becomes viewable from any part of the world.

Any user of the Lethean project can easily sell their available internet bandwidth for a certain fee and speed that they desire, thereby creating a unique advantage over traditional virtual private networks services, because it is faster, more flexible, and has better anonymity. Also, when a user makes a purchase, the purchase transactions cannot be traced as easily as credit card transactions would be traced. This is an added advantage, and it gives the Lethean Project a competitive edge over the traditional VPN services.

The key features of the Lethean Coin

Anonymous Payments
Untraceable Transactions
Double-Spending Proof
Blockchain Analysis Resistance
Egalitarian Proof of Work
Browser extension

Deeper dive into Lethean main features

Lethean VPN
Through the development of a peer-to-peer blockchain network, Lethean addresses the persistent need for a secure internet usage which keeps growing day in day out. It also operates an anonymous virtual private network (VPN) to deal with this persistent need for secure internet usage. The main goal of the Lethean project is to provide complete internet equitability and the freedom, therefore, a decentralized VPN network is a welcome development and a major step towards achieving this goal.
There are two mechanisms the Lethean project offers for VPN connectivity: a browser extension to secure both web services and web browsing, and a full network VPN (utilizing Open – VPN technology).

The Lethean Wallet
The Lethean coin wallet features a decentralized marketplace and comes with certain features which are inbuilt for peer-to-peer VPN connections in its two supported modes which are the Browser Extension Proxy service and the full VPN service. While VPN or proxy services is provided by a complementary server-side exit node, the Lethean wallet user will act as a client node. Interested Lethean users can provide a proxy/VPN for other Lethean users with their internet connection, when they choose to become an exit node, in exchange for Lethean coins.


The development of Lethean coins have dealt a major blow on some organisation and government agenda to censor online content. The Lethean coin is one of the few blockchain projects still in line with Satoshi’s vision of a fully decentralised world.