Top Five Crypto Events of the Week, March 9-15 2019

Top Five Crypto Events of the Week, March 9-15 2019

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Several events took place in the past week, however, only the top five events will be highlighted below.

CBOE Discontinues Bitcoin Futures

A report earlier in the week revealed that, due to the reduced rate of trading volumes, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has made it known that it will be dropping any new bitcoin futures contracts this month. Also, it’s CFE futures is presently deliberating it stands regarding the trading of virtual currency derivatives.

CEO of Mt Gox free of all fraudulent charges

Based on a recent report, the Chief Executive Officer of Mt Gox, Mark Karpeles has been found not guilty of charges of embezzlement levied against him. However, he was found guilty of data manipulation and has been sentenced to two and a half years of jail term.

Bitcoin Exchange Gatecoin close down due to financial problem

Bitcoin and Ethereum token exchange, Gatecoin which is based in Hong Kong has reportedly shut down business due to financial difficulties which it had been experiencing. In 2016, the exchange was reportedly hacked of $2 million and up to date, it has been unable to recover the money. The exchange also claimed that a payment service provider which scammed the exchange out of an unknown amount of money in unsettled transfers is responsible for this halt in operations.

First ICO Portal in Thailand has been approved

A recent report has revealed that the first portal for initial coin offerings (ICOs) in Thailand whose aim is to review tokens, ensure project consistency with its paperwork, carry out due diligence, and to affirm the know-your-customer process has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the country.

Leveraged Contract Has Been Created For Not Yet Released Telegram Token By Xena

According to a recent report, London-based exchange, Xena has begun trading with Telegram token (gram) like a lasting contract on its platform. The exchange reportedly started a spin-off contract with a leverage of close to 100 times for gram. Unlimited contracts listed on Xena can be traded publicly and are meant to make liquidity available for the gram token ahead of when it will be released which is set to be later this year.