Hachiko Inu | Decentralized Token Named After the Legend of Hachiko, The Akita Dog

Hachiko Inu | Decentralized Token Named After the Legend of Hachiko, The Akita Dog

Hachiko Inu

Sep 07, 2021 — Prague, Czech / September 7, 2021/ Besides being one of the top gainers on popular listing platforms CoinMarketCap, Hachiko Inu is going to burn one of the biggest shares of their token supply yet. 10% of the circulating token supply will be burned on the 25th of August, further influencing a supply decrease. Hachiko Inu is a decentralized token working with an aim to increase the holder’s earnings by rewarding them for keeping tokens in their wallets. The mission is to increase the token price to its maximum. 

Inspired by the Legend of an Akita Dog

The name Hachiko Inu comes from the loyalty shown by a dog towards its master in Japan. Hachiko waited for her master for nine years after his death. Nine years of waiting has earned Hachiko the name of a legend, and its story is celebrated to this day. 

Hachiko Inu aims to celebrate the dog’s loyalty and to make sure that its story stays alive forever. 

Loyalty Rewards for Token Holders

As a decentralized token, Hachiko Inu rewards the holders with 5% of all the transactions on the platform. The percentage of the reward is high and aims to bring the most benefit to the token holders. With this, the developers want to support its supporters with better and higher rewards. 

Along with this, the aim of the platform is to increase the price, which again will benefit the holders. Another way to increase the price is token burning, which was implemented by Hachiko Inu from the beginning. 

51% of the token supply has been burned already, and 27% of the supply is looking to Uniswap. Another 10% of the supply will be burned at a later date (25th August). This means that only 12% of the liquidity is left in supply, and all the other mechanisms are devised to increase the price. 

About Hachiko Inu

After its launch in May 2021, Hachiko Inu has got more than 3400 holders in a time span of three months. Hachiko Inu is a decentralized token with limited supply and several ways to increase the price plus decrease the supply. Every holder on the platform is rewarded for their loyalty, and more tokens in the wallet mean more rewards. 

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