How Can People Earn With Ultragate Project?

How Can People Earn With Ultragate Project?

Investment in cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to make a steady passive income. There are a number of cryptocurrencies out there like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and so on, that can help you to earn money. Similar to them is Ultragate. just better, very low transaction fees, and lightning speed.

Ultragate is a budding candidate in the cryptocurrency world. Ultragate is known as ULG Coin. The platform has various other features that can help users in making money through investment.

Jobgate, Marketgate, now in development CasinoGate and planned ExchangeGate and Socialgate, are the major parts of the Ultragate platform that have their own way of working. One thing that is common in all of them is the way of transaction. It is done by paying in cryptocurrency or ULG. Other than that, it also supports other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc.

Now, if you are an investor, Ultragate is the prime place for you to earn. Here are some of the ways through which you can earn money from the Ultragate platform.

Ways To Make Money With The Ultragate Project

The best thing about Ultragate is that it has its own cryptocurrency, along with various platforms to make a steady passive income.

Harness the power of Marketgate

Marketgate is the platform of the Ultragate Project that is also an eCommerce store like Amazon or Alibaba, just better. As an entrepreneur, you can start selling your products on this platform. The only difference that Marketgate has as compared to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Alibaba is the currency. You can accept payments on Marketgate using currencies like ULG, BTC, ETH, DGB, etc. This is the first way to earn with Ultragate.


If we take a closer at the Jobgate platform, it is also meant for users of various job communities. For example, if you have a community of developers, you can take projects from the Jobgate platform and get paid in ULG or BTC. This is another way to earn with Ultragate. All you need in this way of earning ULG or BTC is your skill.

Work for Ultragate Project

Well, this is another way to earn with Ultragate Project. As they are still working on their other platforms like Exchangegate, Socialgate, and Casinogate, this is an opportunity for you to work for Ultragate. If you have skills like sales or marketing, or writing, you can earn cryptocurrency in exchange for your services. This will also provide you with an opportunity to learn something new related to cryptocurrency.

Set Up a Masternode

If you are not aware, a masternode is the center where transactions related to cryptocurrency take place. A masternode maintains the privacy of the transactions and also holds a real-time copy of the blockchain. If you have a masternode, you can make passive income. Setting up a masternode is a one-time investment that will produce great returns for you.

The process of setting a masternode is easy; all you need to have is 50,000 ULG coins. The current annual ROI of owning a Ultragate masternode is 60-65%.


Staking is another way through which you can make money from Ultragate. The concept of staking is most commonly used on blockchain networks that use the POS consensus mechanism. In this, you earn rewards for holding a balance in your wallet while also contributing to the system. The current reward percentage of a staking reward on Ultragate is 60% for MN and 40% staking of the total block reward.

POS is a process in which a number of users stake coins be the PoS block validator. The one with the highest stake has the highest possibility of being chosen and thus gets the block reward for validating the block.

Commissions on referrals

As Ultragate is new to the crypto world, they offer you a chance to earn commissions on referrals. How?

It is pretty simple! There are certain sections on the Jobgate website that are in development and need to be filled with banner advertisements. The respective rates of the banner advertisements are:

Top Banner: 0.03 BTC (5 days) / 0.05 BTC (10 days)

Sidebar Banner: 0.02 BTC (5 days) / 0.035 BTC (10 days)

You can easily earn a referral commission of up to 50% if you help to get that banner advertisement. In the same way, if someone buys a job package through you, you can get up to 50% commission on the price. All the earning in the form of BTC.

Final Thoughts

It is needless to say that Ultragate Project is one of the best cryptos that can help you earn higher returns with small or no investment. There are many ingenious solutions that the platform offers, like Marketgate, where you can shop for products and can even sell them. Plus, there is Jobgate, where you can get work from employers and can also post jobs as an employer. Further, Ultragate is also planning on introducing Exchangegate, Socialgate, and Gamegate that will also bring users together on the platform. All of these platforms have one thing in common; they use the same currency ULG that you can earn with a number of above-described methods.

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