Interview With Peng Project Team

Interview With Peng Project Team

Peng Coin

One of the recent projects we have been writing about is Peng Coin – charity project built on blockchain. Read interview with creators of this idea.

(CS) Give us your project description in a two – three sentences for those who has never heard about your project yet.

Peng coin is a charity donation cryptocurrency that utilizes blockchain technology to bring resources and help to those that need it most. Also, we have a charity outreach team located in South Africa that is working very close to build relations with the community and watch them grow with our help. Peng coin is a front runner in charity donations being made through cryptocurrency and we plan on continuing to grow to be the best coin we possibly can.

(CS) What is the main goal of your project and what audience you are targeting?

The main goal is making charity donations and bringing help to people and communities that need it. With crypto currency you are able to make transactions across borders, with little interference in between sender and receiver. Fast speeds, and the ability to know where the funds being sent are going. Our target audience are those who need help in their lives and with charities connecting them to those who are able to help and contribute to the overall effort.

(CS) Your short story – how did you come up with idea of this project? Why one more charity fund built on blockchain?

Peng Coin was started back in mid-2018 when it was first Penguin Coin, an old dead coin that was being left behind. Then the new developers picked up the project and updated all the coding, the websites, the coin specs, and made new platforms for the community to communicate on. With the idea of picking the project back up we decided on doing charity donations because in this crypto space there is more than enough funds that are going around that there should be a way for people to send contributions to others in need. When we started the project there wasn’t very many other donation cryptos or coins doing charity donations at all besides maybe a handful. Now it seems like so many coins are beginning to see the potential for crypto currency to help people and starting to adapt that into their regimen. Its not a problem for us as we see the more people that can benefit from the use of crypto currency the better and will eventually help lead to greater adoption.

(CS) What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects that are in a market?

The best part about our project is our team and our charity outreach team to be specific. Those two who work on the front lines with our charities and attend our blockchain events are wonderful. From finding penguin sanctuaries and getting to the locations and setting up the donations, to making connections with places like Magdas Soup Kitchen, and the Peninsula School Feeding Program, all the way to raising clothes and baby food donations for the Saartjie Baartman Center. They have been a key role in the growth of Peng Coin and through there countless hours of working and dedication we have been able to achieve the levels we have to this point.

(CS) Give us main benefits against other charity funds of your project in a few bullet points.

  • Fast transactions across borders
  • Privacy features
  • Low transaction speeds
  • Charity outreach team connected with our charities
  • A core team that is located all around the globe assisting people from many different regions
  • PoS/Masternode setups with a sustainable Roi and energy efficient use.
  • Listed on 9 almost 10 exchanges at the moment to trade peng coin
  • Multiple staking pools and masternode hosting platforms as well as analytic sites

(CS) How do you select new charity subjects for your platform?

Right now, our charities are being selected by our charity outreach team and then voted on by the core team to add them to our platform. We have been working in South Africa as a start to the abilities of what we plan to accomplish. Soon we will have more of our team members who are located all around the world find new outreach members to help us grow, and we will set up an application form for new charities to apply to be partnered with Peng Coin.

(CS) When and how one can start to donate for charity through your website? Explain us what the exact process is (or will be).

We have updated our website to now accept Peng Coin donations for our partnered charities. To make a donation simply go to our website and select the charities tab. There you will find the partnered charities we are with and on each page is and address connected specifically for each charity. Just use your Peng Coins and select which charity you would like to donate to, and they will be added to the next donation made to that group. Also, if you would like to donate to the project directly to help with development features and making more partnerships and larger donations you can find our donation addresses listed on the home page of our website.

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed and will be winner in a competition with other donation blockchain projects?

From the start of our project the idea has been about charity donations. We weren’t focused on something else and then decided to incorporate it into our coin’s features. Helping people and being there for those who need it is what we stand for. The team we have growing and the way we are trying to make these partnered charities grow and thrive from not just a donation but help from an outside source as well. We plan on helping our groups become independent to succeed in the areas they are living in. Trying to find ways to educate those to have self-reliance and oversee their own financial freedom.

(CS) What is guarantee of the stability of your project in a longer time period?

Thanks to a few investors and members of the team we have setup a bases of our ability to make the needed donations to our charities. When the value of the coin picks up and the crypto market, we will have a greater ability to make change. Till then we work within our means to make sure the project continues. Right now we have made plenty of listings and registrations with other companies to allow Peng Coin to continue running its network for some time to come.

(CS) How did you meet your team members of the project?

At the beginning of the revival from Penguin coin most of the team was drawn from the community willing to help work on the growth and development of the now Peng Coin. Everyone that’s been involved in this project is a great help and contributes as they can as there are other things outside of crypto that occupies peoples time. Although there are a few individuals who are dedicated to Peng Coin as their primary focus and work around the clock to continue to make sure things are running smoothly and the progress is being made.

(CS) What future perspective of your project you see in 5 years?

Within the next 5 years we plan to expand our charity outreach teams to more countries and other places around the world. We plan on making Peng Coin a way for donations to be made worldwide to any charity of your choice. And to have Peng Coin to be accepted as means of payment for different goods relating to charity works.

(CS) How to start to invest in your project if someone would like to do.

To invest in Peng Coin you can go to one of our exchange listings and find Peng Coin for sales on those sites to purchase and use as you would like within our project
If you would like to invest directly in our project, simply contact one of the admins through our discord channel posted on our website or ask for one through our telegram channel. We will be happy to get things setup so that your contribution will be used in the appropriate manner. Also, if you are investing to the project and have any specific features or listings you would like added please contact one of the admins and we can move forward.

(CS) What is the right place to get current news and trustable information about your project?

The best place to find information about our project is through our twitter feed, our website, discord channel, and telegram group. Here is where you will find most of our information posted and supporting content links available. If there are any other questions you have our not able to find the information you are looking for once again just ask one of the admins in our telegram or our discord groups.