Interview With Cryptofightclub Project Team

Interview With Cryptofightclub Project Team

CryptoFightClub interview

One of the recent projects we have listed on our website is CryptoFightClub coin. Today we are publishing an interview with this project’s team member.

(CS) Can you give us your project description in a two – three sentences for those who have never heard about your project yet?

We are a community based project. We are united in working towards a goal of bringing unity to a somewhat siloed industry. Towards encouraging adoption, adaptation and acceptance of digital money for services and goods rendered. We are deemed the coin that “Represents the fighter in us all”, as we know we are in for a long journey in reaching this goal with many achievements and difficulties. Anything worthwhile has a difficult path.

(CS) What is the main goal of your project and what audience you are targeting? Is CryptoFightClub coin more focused on being used as a payment method or there is focus on some niche?

As I mentioned previously CryptoFightClub coin has a goal to encourage adoption, adaptation, and acceptance of digital money for services and goods rendered, but not just that, we are exploring all audiences for opportunities to assist and make things easier, secure and fun. We are currently developing a hub for everything crypto that is viable has a proven track of recordand longevity, giving the latest information about that currency. Giving a platform to pool our resources for influence to projects that may not have that big of an exposure. We also plan to have integrated our scammer section where our bot The Watcher creates a daily report of which scammer it’s thwarted and publizises the individual. This way we have a central database to search and verify if an incident occurs. Hopefully thwarting further attempts. So in short it’s a little of both used for goods and services and niche. To make it fun CryptoFightClub coin has plan of being incorporated into a couple of games.

(CS) Your short story – how did you come up with idea of this project?

Well, for a good while we were all a part of another community called Faucet Hub. While there we would talk to each other and collect rains. One night a couple of us were banned or muted for (in our opinions) not a good enough reason, I think it was something along the lines of advertising our faucet links, which at the time the site was cracking down on things. Anyway, we moved over to discord. While here we did pretty much the same but after a while we felt as a whole community that we were missing something. All the connections we had made had their own coin, especially one established community. This community while welcoming was also stringent so many of us felt peltered after interacting with them. That straw broke me and I decided enough is enough my community deserved better. So I talked my now developer SuperDoggie and we embarked on creating a coin. Really I just talked about it and one day he said here you go, we just need some investment capital to get it fully going so I supplied it and boom CryptoFightClub coin was created. And fight club, because we all have taken our come uppins and we fight, push forward no matter what obstacles we face.

(CS) What is the most unique thing about your project if you compare with similar projects that are in a market?

The biggest thing is, continued development. When we first started this, we were kind of blind and naive, well being honest I was those things and did not have a clue but had an end game and vision. I knew I wanted a coin to be utilized as rendered payment with the benefits of the blockchain. Soon I realized there needed to be more to the coin. There are so many coins that are copies of a copy. Cut and paste you have a coin. What makes it stand out is it’s use case. So for about a year we bounced ideas and threw stuff on to the wall to learn what would stick and what wouldn’t. So many trials and errors. Finally after a suggestion of our marketing director and after doing research for viability we found our use case. Our united information hub of established and enduring crypto projects. I foresee it as a centralized website paid membership blog and media dissemination tool. Where we accept not just CryptoFightClub coin but other coins as well. I also cannot forget to mention there is development for game intergration and our watcher bot that makes reported scammers famous. That bot is in plans to be integrated into a scammers section in the hub.

(CS) Give us main benefits of your project in a few bullet points.

  • Rendered for goods and services via SpectreSecurity partnership
  • Currently listed and traded on multiple exchanges and used as the standard currency to compare against on a couple of them
  • Overall abundance although it’s cap is at 5.6 million coins
  • Rain and tip capable via discord
  • (Developing) Main coin payment for membership of hub access
  • (Developing) integration for games
  • (Beta phase) improvements for “The Watcher” bot

(CS) Why do you think that your project will succeed and will be winner in a competition with other blockchain projects?

It boils down to perseverance, tenacity, resolve, and transparency. As a community, we pull together when faced with adversity. We all help one another and offer suggestions, sometimes offering a not so favorable reality. An obstacle presents itself we innovate to figure a way around. Then execute that innovation all the while providing updates to ensure the united buy in. To be transparent, not everyone does buy in, but that’s not a bad thing, it’s a checks and balances thing. It keeps us on our toes.

(CS) What is the guarantee of stability of your project in a longer time period? For those who would like to invest in a new coins – it is important question.

The guarantee I can express is that while we are continuously working to develop improvements for CryptoFightClub coin and continue to encourage adoption, adaptation and acceptance we will be available to ensure the progress of the coin. We know at some point we will reach the cap and must have other means to push the currency. Our use cases have the option for adaptability, this industry is in it’s infancy so everything is dynamic and evolving. With that every coin needs a solid use case that allows for on the fly adjustments.

(CS) How did you meet your team members of the project?

Well I met SuperDoggie from the Turtle coin community and we just clicked. We were on the same page from the beginning and still are. We both want for our community to lead the way in this industry and soon have cryptocurrency as the standard of payment for all who may not have access to fiat, because of it’s inflated undervalue.

BigB we met from the project Penguin Coin, now Peng, and saw first hand all he had done for the project. Leading and following balance I mean this gentleman is on point with ideas and how to get them to come to fruition. His track record speaks for itself just take a look at Peng and the strides it has done. We knew we needed to have him here for that expertise. Klinkers, Googoomuck, and CMoney are our supporting developers and we met when I visited and engaged on other communities, they all have the foresight with the same goals as we do. Brushkie, Trixie, and Royce I mean if it wasn’t for them we may be unfocussed and not adhering to what our project details. These ladies of crypto do not falter, we say this is where we are going with things and they ensure we follow through all the while ensuring a balance for overall perspectives.

(CS) What future perspective of your project you see in 5 years?

In 5 years, already down 1, I see that our coin is utilized for our hub, utilized in gameplay, the standard for Android based wallets that actually stake, and utilized as the accepted currency for an exchange (another project we are developing concurrently).

(CS) How to start to invest in your project if someone would like to do.

That’s easy, since we are already on multiple exchanges, the fastest and reliable method is to purchase from those exchanges. Of course there is also the option to contact us directly as well. In this endeavor there is always a need for capital. I have written a request for funding to accompany and disclose how raised capital will be disbersed.

(CS) What is the right place to get current news and trustable information about your project?

Discord is the current place since we all hangout there for collecting coins we hodl. Soon you’ll be able to get even more news via our website’s blog. Of course also via our social media pages as well.

Project’s Discord channel

Website HERE

Facebook page HERE


Telegram channel

(CS) Maybe there is something that you would like to add that was not asked?

The request for funding to elaborate on question how to invest, see post soon.

CS – Cryptoshib

Interview done on 7th of March 2019