Introducing Nori.Finance – Yakuza Standing for What is Right

Introducing Nori.Finance – Yakuza Standing for What is Right

The last few weeks have been quite challenging yet very rewarding and satisfying. Yakuza stood for what was right and in favor of their community. They restored the trust and delivered freedom into the hands of their community by becoming one of the most decentralized projects.

In the endeavor to strengthen their community, Yakuza has reestablished the regulations and enabled swapping to Uniswap V2 for everyone. The decision was made through voting, and it was determined that the existing holders of YFKZ coins were entitled to swift justice. Hence, Yakuza swapped their old coins on a 1:1 basis to the newly improved and more flexible YKZ Token. It is one of their bigger achievements in the recent past that has instilled trust and confidence within their community.

Establishing a Powerful Community

Yakuza DFO is now active on the DFOhub page. DFO stands for Decentralized Flexible Organization. By issuing all of the supply and LP tokens to the DFO, Yakuza has given the control in the hands of the holders. Being a DFO gives them the autonomy of doing what is right for their business and community. The token has no monetary value other than what the holders make of it. Yakuza can use the DFO for any purpose they deem fit. DFOs are like standalone entities that reside on the blockchain and are open source in nature. This gives them the liberty of working together as a community and leverage on the crowdsourcing model. All in all, they have control, and they decide the course of their journey. Anyone can join Yakuza and bring new capabilities to the project.

Road Ahead

Yakuza strive to establish and secure partnerships and venture into profitable outcomes as an organization. They are determined to grow both organically and inorganically. Yakuza, as a community, is continuously exploring the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) space, and eventually, they plan to move into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) domain. Yakuza is in very early stages of discussion and research, and they are open to inviting the community to participate and make it a big success.

Yakuza is also determined to create a more inclusive community by implementing the snapshot voting system. This will empower the community to participate in various decisions and help them to be heard. With a diversified community and its capabilities, Yakuza will be able to determine their strengths and next goal. They have an enormous opportunity in front of them, and with their relentless effort and unwavering focus, they are on the brink of making it big.

Yakuza’s initial goal will be to gain value on the treasury by creating a liquidity mining program and different monetary policies in order to acquire highly appreciating assets. For now, they have decided to start Staking and Farming. With staking as an option, the holders can participate in the verification of transactions and support the network. With staking, holders can generate passive income by holding the coins. It’s like dividend/reward earned by stockholders – the more you hold the coins, the stronger the network becomes. Whereas with Yield Farming, holders can lend their coins and earn interest while still holding the ownership. This will be possible through smart contracts

To know more about the upcoming projects, visit their website at

Yakuza Launches Nori.Finance

In their endeavor of creating successful DFO, they are delighted to partner with some of the most trusted names in the industry. One of such is the partnership with, who have shown confidence in their project and decided to support them in accomplishing their upcoming milestones. It will be achieved through Yakuza’s liquidity incentive program called that will be powered by the pylon. will help Yakuza access the deep liquidity pool to raise funds for the next leg of their journey. Also, Yakuza holders will be able to farm with $YKZ coin on Farming on will be in the partnership with This partnership will empower Yakuza to move faster and grow more aggressively. With that said, there are better chances to accomplish their scheduled milestones in advance – this reflects on their strong project management capabilities.


As mentioned earlier, their DFO is active on dfohub who are helping us to achieve their business goals and objectives. Yakuza uses dfohub’s tools that are being continuously enhanced, and they are eagerly waiting on the next release of the dfohub. The road ahead looks very promising and fruitful, and Yakuza is leaving no stones unturned to transform their thoughts into reality.