SYBC Tokens: Offering Millenials The Right Opportunity To Invest In Luxurious Real Estate Without Financial Burdens

SYBC Tokens: Offering Millenials The Right Opportunity To Invest In Luxurious Real Estate Without Financial Burdens

SYBC tokens

The traditional real estate market has exploded over the last decade with property costs surging magnificently higher. The major barrier to entry in owning a home, or any other real estate for that sake, has been the massive down-payment costs.

This has crushed the aspirations and dreams of millennials to buy homes early in their life. As a result, many have considered pushing their plans in the future.

However, the same problem even persists among the “baby-boomer” generation. The highly inflated prices of real estate are way beyond the savings done by baby-boomers to buy a dream house of their own and retire at peace.

Moving Away from Huge Down Payments and Closing Costs

Buying homes through the traditional methods involves a lot of hidden costs. Firstly, the buyers have to a pay 20% down payment which is $60,000 even for a modest $300,000 home. Over and above this, buyers need to shell out anywhere between 2-5% as agent costs or closing costs.

It’s time to change the dynamics of the game while moving away from the traditional approach to a more nuanced approach. The SYB Real-Estate Marketplace combines the best of the crypto world and real-estate by unlocking new opportunities in the market.

It eliminates several entry barriers for buying and owning real-estate properties with minimum hassle and maximum comfort. The SYB Real-Estate Marketplace leverages the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies making it easy for customers to directly purchase or lease residential or commercial properties in fiat or using the platform native cryptocurrency SYBC Coins.

The Millennial Advantage for Using SYBC Coins

Since the SYB Marketplace is a blockchain-based platform facilitating crypto transactions there are a lot of benefits it brings to its users. Firstly, there are no intermediaries or agents involved. This helps to reduce the purchase costs by a considerable amount.

The SYB Real Estate directly deals with property buyers. All the SYBC Tokens on the platform are secure and asset-backed. They also can be liquidated anytime at the users’ discretion.

By leveraging the power of blockchain, the native SYBC Coins also DE-institutionalize the process of buying and owning a property. The use of SYBC tokens helps to largely eliminate the payment frictions faced by early-stage home buyers, millennials, and even baby-boomers.

The SYB Coins run on the Ethereum blockchain network and are stored on the ERC20-powered wallets. When it comes to real-estate the transaction costs are usually in high amounts. The SYBC Tokens facilitate instant sending and receiving of tokens as well as convert to any other fiat currency. It helps to significantly reduce bank processing charges and other related costs.

This ensures seamless utility and accessibility of users’ tokens without creating any friction in the transaction process due to high-amount exchanges. The SYB blockchain provides the necessary infrastructure to process high-value transactions smoothly giving users the ultimate peace of mind.

The use of SYBC Tokens also makes it easier for users to trade the cryptocurrency with their peers. One can purchase the SYBC tokens on popular exchanges like Changelly, HitBTC. The SYB platform allows users to exchange their tokens with a date exchange rate and letting users choose between a Fixed Rate and a Classic Rate.

Thus, taking away all the worries of financing and related processes, the SYB platform offers everyone an equal opportunity to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle they desire.

The SYB Real-Estate Marketplace

The SYB Marketplace will consist of a wide portfolio of real-estate properties allowing users to choose and invest across a wide range of properties from residential, commercial, multi-family, retail, hospitality, and others.

The major USP about SYB Marketplace is that they redevelop and renovate distressed properties. To bring its real-estate projects to the market, SYB has partnered with several construction companies and esteemed developers in the market. All completed properties are listed on the SYB Marketplace.

The SYB Marketplace gives users the absolute flexibility to directly purchase or lease the residential and commercial properties either with fiat currencies or with the native SYB Coins. The uniqueness of SYB Real Estate is that it is completely asset-backed. This allows users to secure the property will collateral. Besides, getting real-estate to a blockchain-based platform ensures a whole new level of transparency to the users.