Providing A Real Solution For All Money Transfers With A Single Multi-currency Cryptocurrency: Introducing Paycore

Providing A Real Solution For All Money Transfers With A Single Multi-currency Cryptocurrency: Introducing Paycore


The need for a faster, cheaper, safer and free from scrutiny and government monitoring has lead to the creation of cryptocurrency. Since the development of Bitcoin— the very first cryptocurrency, several other cryptos has been launched and more are being launched on a regular basis, each with a unique feature and functionality.

One core advantage of using cryptocurrency over the traditional method of payment is the cheap cost of conducting transactions using cryptos. Generally, the fees charged when conducting transactions are extremely low and independent of the transaction volume. However, some crypto project has gone as far as not allowing fees to be charged for transactions conducted on the platform. What this simply means is that, on these platforms, every transaction is not subjected to any form of transactional fee. One of such zero fee cryptocurrency is Paycore coin.


The Paycore Coin is a single multi-currency that provides a means for people to make settlements and payments to bank accounts, e-wallets, and plastic cards. It is a global money transfer solution that can also store up funds. With this coin, all transfer carried out within the system will not be charged, and all transactions with assets are always instantaneous. It adds extra value to online payments, due to the high level of convenience it offers and the high degree of anonymity it provides.

The financial industry is on the verge of a massive revolution, thanks to Blockchain technology. Since the invention of the blockchain technology in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, it has changed the international financial sector significantly. The Paycore coin is a Blockchain project that was created to promote, expand and exemplify the true intentions of Blockchain. One of the main functions of this solution is to simplify private and business use.

This project is a powerful platform which has an extremely functional structure that is specially designed for adapting perfectly well with the current high demand from the market. The Paycore coin has morphed into one of the fastest and most comprehensive payment tools on the market right now.

The Aims Of The Paycore Project

Every Blockchain platform is set up for a particular reason. The Paycore project is not different, as the project has its own main goals which include:

  • Sending money anonymously from peer-to-peer, with a minimal fee which is a 0% fee.
  • Secure and easy transfer of Fiat money which is anonymous, into the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Converting cryptocurrencies and withdrawing to Fiat accounts through a fast and easy process. Also making use of the Paycore cards, as well as other third-party Bank cards in one interface for converting cryptocurrency and making these withdrawals.
  • Using one interface to manage and control cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Making deposits, exchanges and withdrawals that are instantaneous in one interface, without the need of a third-party exchange or service.
  • Providing a perfect platform for businesses to accept or make payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat money, as well as maintain their accounts

Features of the project

The Paycore project is designed to provide a real solution for all money transfers. Easiness and transparency of blockchain capabilities in the its infrastructure are few of the amazing features it has to offer.

Here is a break down of things featured in the project:

The Paycore project offers users 100% anonymity. This is mainly due to the fact that Paycore is developed on a blockchain. As a result, the anonymity of every single financial transaction carried out on the platform.

Easy Withdrawal
Paycore offers its users the ability to make an easy withdrawal of funds directly into their bank card, at a minimum commission.

Superior Security
The developers of the the project know how important it is for funds to be secured, therefore, the platform provides advanced security, where different types of verifications are available to secure your funds.

Fast Transactions
Operations on the Paycore Project are almost instant

No Commission
On the Paycore Project, all internal transfers are free (zero commissions)

Easy Conversion Of Paycore Coins Into Cash
Funds sent into your Paycore card are almost instantly available for use, with minimal commission rate. Also, your card can be used easily in any service, online, in a store or in a café.


The Paycore coin project is one of the very few blockchain projects that merges centralised tradition payment solution (Card Withdrawal) and decentralised payment solution together effectively. As a result of this, the use of the Paycore coin is not limited to blockchain focused audience.