KABBERRY Platform: Popularising Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies For Commercial and Private Use

KABBERRY Platform: Popularising Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies For Commercial and Private Use


With the rising popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the mainstream financial industry, businesses are largely focused on implementing blockchain-based solutions at their end.

The KABBERRY Platform is working to bridge the gap between new-generation technologies and the real world. The project aims to develop blockchain-based innovative solutions, and thus popularise the use of blockchain and digital currencies not only among various businesses but also private users.

The USP of the KABBERRY Project is that it facilitates the creation of new digital currencies with the use of the New Coin Platform. This application allows other projects or individuals to create their own cryptocurrencies without the complex programming typically required. Similarly, KABBERRY will also provide the MasterNode hosting platform enabling all users to set up their own MasterNodes (MN) of KKC or different currencies.

To create this entire ecosystem, KABBERRY will implement its solutions in a few subsequent phases. Each successive stage leads to the implementation of innovative solutions and the creation of a complete, fully secure and user-friendly ecosystem.

KABBERRY Coin (KKC) – Facilitating Faster, Secure and Low-Cost Transactions

The first stage of implementation of the KABBERRY Project includes the development of the cryptocurrency called the KABBERRY Coin (KKC). KKC is a MasterNode Coin using the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus.

KKC can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges or obtained in a form of rewards. Both stakers and MasterNode holders are able to get rewards, the percentage distribution of which is clearly presented in the Reward Plan. To run a KKC MN, users first need to deposit minimum collateral of 10,000 KKC, unless they use MN hosting platforms available on the Internet. The frequency of receiving MN rewards depends on the number of MasterNodes you possess. However, staking rewards depend on the number of coins held in the wallet and the duration of holding.

The KABBERRY Project ensures the safety and reliability of systems released by the design team. Additionally, the current and, at the same time, the latest version of KKC wallets is publicly available on the project profile on GitHub.

The wallets facilitate instant and secure payment transactions. The KKC wallet is an application providing better control and ensuring easy access to funds whenever users wish. Furthermore, KKC wallets assure

the utmost privacy and financial autonomy without the participation of third parties. It is worth emphasizing that KKC developers are focused on the comfort and satisfaction of users, therefore the interface of released wallets is user-friendly and transparent.

KABBERRY Introduces the World of Mobile Crypto Payments

The two most essential elements of the project are – apart from the KKC currency – the KABBERRY Exchange and the KABBERRY Pay system (the app for mobile crypto payments). The team aims to launch the cryptocurrency exchange called the KABBERRY Exchange.

This exchange will offer a higher customer satisfaction when it comes to the security and speed of transactions. In the future, the KABBERRY Exchange will also be corelated with the KABBERRY Pay. This mobile application will enable crypto payments for daily shopping. Compatible with the mobile wallet and the KABBERRY exchange, the system will allow payments to be made in stationary stores. The execution of such a transaction will still require two more elements such as a mobile device (e.g. smartphone) and payment terminal.

The KABBERRY Pay app is going to convert – with the use of the KABBERRY Exchange – a given amount in FIAT into the equivalent in any digital currency. In other words, whenever prices are given in PLN, EUR, USD, or any other FIAT the amount taken from your mobile wallet will be converted into KKC or any chosen cryptocurrency. The conversion process will also involve the support from collaborating crypto exchanges in order to ensure an optimal exchange rate.


The ecosystem offered by the KABBERRY Project may revolutionize and popularize the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies among various businesses and individuals. Each user will be able to take advantage of any product that suits their needs and requirements. Do not hesitate and explore the world of endless possibilities!