Earn Extra-Income with Rowan Mining Smart Meters

Earn Extra-Income with Rowan Mining Smart Meters

Rowan Energy

Press Release

We all want to go green. Nobody wants to live on a dead planet. What is stopping us from using renewable energy resources, then? 

Their cost, of course. 

Rowan Energy aims to resolve this by building a custom-built, powerful, yet low powered immutable blockchain network. The key factor that makes Rowan Energy stand apart will be the tokenized ecosystem it facilitates to distribute green energy. Peers can effortlessly share their surplus energy among themselves and earn money for the sale they make in Rowan tokens. That is not all. They can also make money by validating the transactions on the blockchain. 

This is proposed to be made a reality through Rowan Mining Smart Meters. They are still in the development stage with the pilot scheme to be launched by August 2020. 

How Do Rowan Miner Smart Meters Contribute to the Green Energy Community?

Rowan Mining Smart Meters are tailor-made hardware integral to bringing the vision put forward by Rowan blockchain into full fruition. They will keep track of the energy generated by the rooftop solar panels as well as validate transactions made by peers on the Rowan Blockchain network

With the help of Rowan Mining Smart Meters, rooftop panel owners have more and better control over their energy consumption. They will know when and how to reduce their energy consumption and eliminate unexpected shortages in winter. They will also be able to share the energy they don’t see themselves using any time soon and make fast bucks with no extra cost. This way, Rowan Mining Smart Meters will host a self-sufficient green energy community that doesn’t have to rely on outside sources for their energy requirements. Besides, they will also act as token validators letting rooftop panel owners earn tokens for verifying transactions on the blockchain.

Features of Rowan Miner Smart Meters

  • They are designed to be installed in residential properties that have rooftop solar panels.
  • They don’t draw external energy, the system powers the smart miners. 
  • Their primary objective is to record the energy generated by the in-house solar panel and approve the transactions made on the Rowan Energy blockchain network.
  • Rowan Energy is based on the low powered Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. Rowan Miner Smart Meters will be run on low-power, thus reducing the carbon footprint of each household. 
  • Meter readings are updated every 10 seconds. 
  • They are non-intrusive. 
  • The readings made by smart miners won’t affect your current feed-in-tariff.
  • The best part is, you don’t have to change your current energy suppliers to install Rowan Miner Smart Meters.

The PoC (Proof of Concept) for Rowan Miner Smart Meters has already been built. We are now moving to the pilot stage. With Rowan Miner Smart Meters, each rooftop solar panel in the network becomes a source of passive income. If you want to get a headstart and start Investing in Rowan Energy Blockchain now, Rowan Tokens are now available on LATOKEN and VinDAX cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Company Name: Rowan renewable energy LTD

Contact Person: David Duckworth

City, State: 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N13 4BS

Telephone: +441223926386

Twitter: Twitter.com/rowanenergy

Company E-mail: [email protected]

Website: rowanenergy.com