KrazyCats | 250 Cat-Based NFTs with Different Rarity Levels, are Up for Sale in Craft Market Place on ICON Blockchain

KrazyCats | 250 Cat-Based NFTs with Different Rarity Levels, are Up for Sale in Craft Market Place on ICON Blockchain


How would you feel about buying a digital collectible of cats? Sounds interesting, right? Well, that’s exactly what KrazyCats is all about. It’s a unique collection of 250 cats uploaded and up for grabs on Craft Marketplace.

After getting inspired by the CryptoPunks NFT and their overarching success, the development team behind KrazyCats aimed to bring one of the most loved and unique animals on the digital front.

Yes, there may be other cat-based NFTs, but none of them are like KrazyCats. Mostly, because there is a limited supply, have different attributes, and are available to buy for everyone initially at the same price.

Only 250 Krazy Cats NFTs are minted on the ICON network and available on the market for sale with no scope of new NFTs coming in the future. This means that the owners of KrazyCats NFTs will have the opportunity to buy them at a reasonable price and sell at a higher cost driven by the scarcity of the product. The KrazyCats will sell because every KrazyCat has a unique and specially designed color frame that shows its rarity and uniqueness.

Exclusivity in a Product Drives More Value

To showcase their uniqueness, the Krazy Cats will have special colored frames. So, the common cats have no frame and the rare ones have a blue border, you get the idea, right?

So, if a person owns a legendary cat today, they are holding onto a super rare and unique product, which has more potential to get them a higher profit in the future.

In addition to this, the cats also differ according to their accessories or traits. For instance, a legendary cat has 5 accessories and only 6 KrazyCats NFTs are minted in this category, plus they have a red border.

Similarly, the 24 SuperRare cats have four accessories and a green border; Rare cats have three accessories, a blue border, and 42 NFTs minted. The 78 UnCommon cats have two accessories with a Gold border, and 100 Common cats have a white border.

As you can see, the number of cats reduces as the number of accessories increase. That’s why the owners of a Legendary KrazyCat NFT will be better off than the others. All the NFTs were sold on 12/08/2021 for 15 ICX each, and their rarity was revealed after the sale. This gave everyone an equal opportunity to own a valuable asset.

The Future of KrazyCats

If you are thinking that the KrazyCats NFTs are the only thing you need to get, you are in for a surprise. Because after the successful launch and amazing success of the NFTs, the KrazyCats are planning to come up with a new website and KrazyCats tokens.

You can even farm more KrazyCat tokens which will only lead to higher profits for you, provided you implement the right strategies. The user’s share of the NFT tokens will depend on the type of KrazyCat NFT owned by the person.

Last, but not least, the resale revenue collected will be given to the creator and used to buy back the KrazyCat tokens only to burn them. As a result, the owners will enjoy a higher value of the tokens they own.* (staking and token all are just vision nothing for sure)

What is Craft.Network?

Craft is an up-and-coming NFT marketplace that is operated and owned by the community. The best part about Craft is that one of the first NFT collections on this platform sold out within a few hours via randomizing drop. The users engaging on this platform will earn $CFT tokens based on their buying and selling activities in the past weeks.

You can buy, create, and sell collectibles on the Craft Network and also earn royalties from the recurrent sales. It works on the ICON blockchain, and every collectible is digitally signed by the creator.

To Sum It Up

KrazyCats, one of the first NFT Collections on Craft Marketplace with its first random drop, was sold out within a few hours. As it’s a widely popular platform, the users will get access to an accessible and intuitive interface. As more and more people are getting onboard with buying NFTs and gaining an interest in the same, this is the right time to start investing in these digital assets and collectibles.

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