A Lending Platform and a Trading Room in Dubai Set for Launch by the French Digital Management

A Lending Platform and a Trading Room in Dubai Set for Launch by the French Digital Management

French Digital Reserve

French Digital Reserve is an actualized concept actualized by a dedicated community and an ambitious team. It rides on the spirit of blockchain: decentralization and efficiency. 

Over time, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are proving to be useful and governments are now spreading their arms, accepting its benefits, and incorporating the solution in key sectors of the economy. 

China, known for its stance on cryptocurrencies, for example, has clarified that it wants to be a world leader in emerging technology and artificial intelligence.

Why French Digital Reserve?

French Digital Reserve is an option for consumers and corporations. At its core, it is geared on infusing efficiency and security by providing solutions where users can earn passive income, and even shop cheaply. 

And what’s more. Its ecosystem is broad and users can use leading coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) aside from its native currency FD Reserve. This openness is but a reflection of the receptive nature of the project’s founders. They are a team of investors and developers passionate about blockchain. 

The platform has a global outlook and is based on Proof-of-Stake and a tiered masternode system that ensures security and energy efficiency. With a tiered masternode architecture, the network can scale. Concurrently, through Proof of Stake, the incentivization lies on annual yields that can be above market rates depending on adoption levels, block height, and network difficulty. 

In this platform, just by holding coins in their supported wallets, one stands to win 17% of block rewards depending on the network’s difficulty. Through the masternode system, a user can easily build a network and join the French Digital Reserve family. There, he can be compensated 50%, 20%, or 8% of the block reward payout depending on collateral. 

Introducing the French Digital Management: Lending and Trading Room

The team plans to create a subsidiary, the French Digital Management. The aim of the subsidiary will be to launch two financial products on the market: lending and a trading room in Dubai. The lending platform will attract high-interest rates of 10% for retailers and institutions.

“I am pleased to announce today the upcoming creation of French Digital Management with the French Digital Reserve team. The CEO of the French Digital Management plans to launch two investment programs on the financial markets, firstly a lending offer for individuals and institutions in crypto/crypto with an expected return of 10% per year. Second, we plan to open a trading room and set up a team of traders specializing in encryption in Dubai. This investment fund aims to give people the opportunity to have a complete portfolio of investments in cryptomoney, from masternodes to lending and market spot. Our offices are scheduled to be leased in the free trade zone (0% corporate tax) of the Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai in August 2020. The fund will be sponsored by the Dubai International Financial Centre which is currently looking to expand its digital business in the Middle East.”


Find your Masternodes (FYMN) Vs. Block to Gift (BTOG)

Already, there are two services available from French Digital Reserve: Find your Masternodes (FYMN) and Block to Gift (BTOG). BTOG was scheduled to start in Q4 2019, and its beta will soon be released. While FYMN is already in the demo and would be released in Q1 2020. 

BTOG is geared to consumers and is where one can find a perfect gift from hundreds of gift cards. Here, a client can also subscribe to their favorite videos and travel for cheap with their families. Registration is free and doesn’t require FD Reserve holding but it is unnecessary to subscribe. Clients can access services but those who register to enjoy discounts. 

Meanwhile, FYMN is for projects. Here, leaders can assess tools to find masternode projects discovering useful metrics like masternode statistics, hosting, portfolio, explorer hosting, and so much more. FDR Masternodes hosted on French Digital Reserve’s FYMN will receive a dividend bonus. 

Using FDR, project leaders can get paid crypto and even fiat through PayPal to get listed at statistic sites. Similarly, they can host their masternodes and pay using their rewards. Some project’s masternode partners including Dextro, ZCore Central, NodeHub, and others. For adoption, the platform also accepts a single currency regardless of whether they are project leaders oriented (FYMN) or consumers (BTOG). 

Aside from this, the French Digital Reserve has partnered with Golden Roads Capital. The fund is fully licensed and regulated operating from Amsterdam. It has been in operation since 2018 and has been offering sound investment tactics in the digital currency market.