LUXY | Accessible NFT Platform Compatible with Multiple Blockchains

LUXY | Accessible NFT Platform Compatible with Multiple Blockchains


FLORIANÓPOLIS, BRASIL / September 28, 2021 / The LUXY Alpha Marketplace has just been launched on the Mumbai Testnet. The development team is working on the UI/UX of the same while ensuring that every feature works according to the intended action. LUXY represents the first NFT marketplace that is easy to scale and helps complete the transaction with speed and efficiency. People using LUXY can create NFT and build their galleries to share them with the world and earn money plus support from enthusiasts and patrons of NFT art.

LUXY for Creators and Artists

One of the primary aspects of LUXY is the ability to create NFT art and tokenize the creations based on the ERC-721 standard. The user’s 1/1 creations can collaborate into a unique collection.

The art enthusiasts can then support and enjoy the works created by the artists while promoting their creativity. Users can also create multiple assets based on the ERC-1155 standard.

In addition, artists will be able to gather royalties from their collections. Artists will also be able to add more than one royalty address to their NFT asset, which will be beneficial to collaborator projects.

The LUXY Marketplace

The purpose of building the LUXY NFT Marketplace is to make sure that NFTs are accessible to everyone. As a result, this platform has been developed to be easier to access, scale, and be cost-efficient. People can sell their creations with the added benefit of transactions on multiple chains.

The LUXY Marketplace will be launched on Polygon and will be integrated with Syscoin. In the future, the development team aims to integrate other friendly, scalable, and low-fee blockchains.

LUXY Token

The LUXY Token will be used to transact on the marketplace and provide DeFi-based solutions. The token will be used for several purposes, including rewards, fees, sending support to the creators, accessing voting rights, airdrops, content promotion, and staking.

The LUXY Token is currently in its Private Round sale after successfully raising $500,000 in its Seed Round Sale.

About LUXY

LUXY is an upcoming NFT marketplace for artists and creators built to help everyone gain easy access to a global NFT marketplace. Initially, LUXY will run on the Polygon blockchain, and plans are set to make it compatible with other blockchains. As a decentralized platform, LUXY is a fast, scalable, and low-cost platform. It’s an environmentally friendly platform that will be integrated with Syscoin, thereby promoting its ability to include other blockchains into the fold.

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