KCLPAD | High-Yield Cryptocurrency Launchpad with Better Terms, Functions, and Profits on KCC

KCLPAD | High-Yield Cryptocurrency Launchpad with Better Terms, Functions, and Profits on KCC


The Kross Chain Launchpad (KCLP) is the world’s maiden system for ERC20 and KCC Chain helps build high-performance cryptocurrency and blockchain projects on the Kucoin Community Chain (KCC). From providing native tokens according to user’s holdings to creating the maximum potential for the onboarded projects, KCLPAD has innovative solutions for the entire KCC community. 

Understanding the Launchpad

The KCLPAD provides organic growth and helps sustain the project until it starts to grow and develop. There are no uncertainties with KCLPAD. The community does not have to undergo botting, lotteries, and nothing is left to luck. 

The KCLPAD token holders will receive rewards in proportion to their KCLP balance. As there is no limit to how many tokens a person can hold, there is no limit on the rewards generated for the same. Such a system prevents the user from undergoing things like botting and speculating. 

In addition to this, after a new cryptocurrency platform is launched, the investors are not called on the basis of a lottery or a lucky draw process. KCLPAD provides a fair platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the launch.

Project Launch IDO Rules

KCLPAD has created a permanent Tier system. For every new platform, the launchpad will release a staking pool, and the users have to stake $KCLP tokens to participate in the allocation. 

A staking pool is available for 48 hours in advance, and there are allocation tiers divided according to the number of days (7, 30, 90, and 180). The tiers are named Globetrotters with an APR reward of 30%, Believers (100% APR), Devotees (150% APR), and Legends (200% APR). After staking, the users will get the required number of tokens according to their respective tiers. 

Successful Launches from KCLPAD

Until now, KCLPAD has helped K-Root and Big League launch successfully from the platform. K-Root is a trust and transparent smart wallet compatible with the KCC. Big League is an NFT platform aimed at creating unique tokens. 

In addition to these, Game Zilla, YAAN, and PADD. cryFinance is getting ready for a KCC launch, and the details for the same will be shared with the stakeholders on KCLPAD. YAAN is a new-age platform having a new token utility feature within the Polygon ecosystem. YAAN will help promote and sponsor new crypto projects and help them secure funding from investors and the community. GameZilla is an ideal launchpad for videogames and NFT projects working on the blockchain. 


KCLPAD helps new crypto projects raise funds securely on three blockchains, including ERC20 and KCC. The investors will get early & secure access to the onboarded projects. The cryptocurrency platforms will also  get a dedicated system and a tested mechanism to ensure allocations plus community support. KCLPAD represents a one-stop solution for investors and cryptocurrency projects while helping them connect and harness the benefits of a decentralized launchpad. 

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