Martkist Digital Staking Platform now has a Time-Lock Feature

Martkist Digital Staking Platform now has a Time-Lock Feature

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Martkist’s approach to bringing maximum benefits to the DeFi and cryptocurrency community is moving ahead. In the previous weeks, Martkist developed a dedicated staking platform for WMARTK to help users get exclusive access to the staking functions and get the maximum benefit.

These are tough times, and the institutional plus solo investors are always on the lookout to automate the earnings and get the highest rewards on the investment. With a similar approach, it is also essential to manage the investments more than it is important to invest.

To help users with this, Martkist brought a Proof of Stake based platform that allows wrapping the MARTK coins to build WMARTK. Besides wrapping, it also allows staking the wrapped tokens under three levels of functions. The new staking platform is highly automated and makes human intervention redundant. In another instance of the constant development concerning this platform, this time, the users will benefit from the Time-Lock period and get a higher yield.

What is Time-Lock? And How does it Work?

The time lock feature on Martkist takes inspiration from the generalized concept of storing a currency and observing an increase in its value with time. For instance, the value of $1 one year from now can be higher than the present value.

In this, if a user decides to invest that $1 in some risk-free assets like securities and bonds, the value of the dollar will certainly increase manifold. When time-lock functionality is added to a currency or an asset, its value changes after the period is over.

With Martkist, the time-lock features allow the community to lock the wrapped MARTK tokens for three different periods of time, 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days. Based on the time lock period, the ROI also increases. For 30 days, the ROI is 12.0%, the same for 90 days and 365 days period is 18% and 50%.

In a time-lock, even though the user is the owner of the staked tokens, but for a fixed time period, the owner gives the right to use the invested tokens to the WMARTK platform. In return for this trust and temporary transfer of ownership, the owner gets a reward.

The best part is that in this scenario, there is no intermediary or a third-party established to oversee the transitions. Martkist is an Ethereum based crypto platform and it is embedded with smart contracts.

The staking is highly secure and can be connected to the user’s wallet for round the clock visibility of the progress. At the end of the time lock period, the users will get the staked money back with interest that is pre-set.

With the WMARTK staking platform, the users can expect complete authenticity, security, and automation of the entire process. Once the collateral is fixed, the users will start earning from day one and receive a higher sum than invested when the time lock period ends.

Dedicated Staking Portal by Martkist

Martkist has developed an exclusive portal for staking, which will be connected to the user’s wallet. The investment or staking will be overseen by a contract that will authenticate the transaction.

For Tier 1 staking, the users need to stake 1000 tokens in collateral to earn 0.33 tokens in rewards every day until the end of 30 days. After that, the users can increase the stake to claim the withdrawn amount.

Furthermore, in Tier 2 and Tier 3, the users need to stake 9000 and 18000 tokens. Even though the time lock period is high here, the rewards are also proportionately higher than average.

On the platform, the users will find three buttons, namely Start, Increase, and Claim. The moment a user has the requisite number of tokens, pressing start with initiating the time lock and automates the rewards generation without block validation or operating a master node.

If the user wants to stake more tokens than earlier, clicking on the increase will take them to the next tier, and after clicking on Claim, the generated ROI will be credited to the user’s wallet.

To Sum it up

Adding the time-lock feature, Martkist has automated the entire staking platform and made it easier for the community to enjoy the benefits of a smart cryptocurrency platform. Now the users can get assured rewards without facing the risks of currency devaluation and changes due to the market forces.