METEX: Bringing Precious Metal Trading To Worldwide Investors Using the Power of Blockchain-based Tokenization

METEX: Bringing Precious Metal Trading To Worldwide Investors Using the Power of Blockchain-based Tokenization


Precious metal trading has been around for many years now, however even in our modern world there are still several hurdles for the retail investors in order to access metals and to engage in a truly digital and worldwide marketplace.

There is a solution, and metal trading will never be the same again. By leveraging blockchain technology, key features such as immutability, high security, and a decentralized ledger now make it possible for companies to issue tokens that are linked to vaulted precious metals. Tokenized assets, such as precious metals, will disrupt traditional markets due to their reduced complexities, improved efficiencies, and truly global digital reach.

Based out of Australia, Metex operates right in amongst this developing segment and understands the future impacts for metals trading. Not only do Metex tokenize both Platinum and Palladium, but their vision is also to disrupt traditional metal trading and to create an entirely new metals trading ecosystem that’s accessible to everyone.

Metex Exchange – Bringing Tokenized Metal to Retail Investors

In addition to the tokenization of precious metals, Metex has developed its own online metals exchange to facilitate the global trade of blockchain-powered metal tokens.

Metex Global Metals Exchange launches in July 2020 and allows retail investors to easily trade tokenized precious metals, without any worry about logistics, storage or insurance costs. This online marketplace is creating a more competitive and fair market by democratizing the process of owning precious metals.

Metex Exchange will initially launch with four metal-backed token listings including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. They plan to expand their metal listings on the exchange and become a globally recognized marketplace for trading tokenized metals.

Exchange users can deposit funds in either Bitcoin or USD Tether and can be trading into precious metals within a few simple clicks.

Some of the major benefits of the Metex platform include:

  1. Peer-to-Peer trading with live buy and sell order books
  2. No account verification required (KYC) when trading using cryptocurrencies
  3. All metal tokens traded are full reserve, meaning they are 100% backed by metals securely stored in vaults.
  4. Easily gain exposure to precious metals without the concern of physically purchasing and storing them.
  5. Flexibility to purchase any size quantity. All of the 4 listed tokens represent 1 gram for that respective precious metal, and being digital even micro trades are possible without high premiums.

Working with Australia’s Largest Bullion Dealers – Ainslie Bullion

The importance of precious metals cannot be realized much more than in the current times of global economic uncertainty. With the stock market and the bond markets collapsing during this COVID-19 crisis, investors are moving towards gold to secure their capital. Bullion dealers have been inundated with orders for precious metals and only a small amount have migrated to more convenient and efficient tokenized options.

One of Australia’s largest bullion dealers, Ainslie Bullion has made this pioneering move, adopting blockchain technology to successfully tokenize their own gold and silver. Known as the Gold Standard and Silver Standard, these digital tokens run on the ethereum network and are backed 100% by metals stored in the Reserve Vault Brisbane Australia.

Ainslie has now partnered with Metex and their gold and silver-backed tokens will now be available on the Metex Exchange for trading!

Speaking on this collaboration, Andrew Sassi – Metex CEO said:

“With the addition of Gold Standard and Silver Standard, the Metex Exchange is proud to launch with 4 unique metal backed tokens. We aim to make precious metals accessible to everyone and our metals exchange allows anyone to build wealth 1 gram at a time.”

Andrew Sassi, Metex CEO

Visit Metex for more information and take advantage of this new way to access and trade precious metals.

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