Intexcoin – Crypto Use to Real-Life Payments for Everyday Purchases

Intexcoin – Crypto Use to Real-Life Payments for Everyday Purchases


The rise of Bitcoin and other decentralized public digital currencies was based on the fact that they would serve as a replacement to the traditional fiat currencies which have repeatedly failed to win the trust of people.

However, the extremely volatile behavior of cryptocurrencies makes them less acceptable as money for commerce and trade. Overcoming these limitations, Intexcoin is designed to be used in everyday life and commercial businesses.

The Intexcoin use-cases solve a huge deficit and shortage of crypto money in the industry. Intexcoin brings all the benefits of a decentralized digital currency like low-cost instant payment along with a trustworthy and reliable system.

Intexcoin has been designed to work on web-portals as well as integrate with real-time vending machines and stores that are accessible 24×7. It also solves a long-going industry problem of ease-of-use and fast transfer that makes it a potential candidate to become the future of money.

The Intexcoin is based on the ERC20 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain network. Besides, the Intexcoin (INTX) is also listed on the most popular crypto listing platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko which gives the cryptocurrency a broader recognition in the crypto market.

The Intexcoin is available for buy/sell on some of the popular exchanges like HotBit, ProBit, and WhiteBit.

The Intexcoin Ecosystem – Covering a Wide Horizon

The Intexcoin Project envisions the future in the form of a complete ecosystem that supports the growth of the global blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

The ecosystem comprises of world’s first virtual marketplace platform with GET System protection dubbed Intexplace. It also has a wallet called Intexpay which facilitates payments in Intexcoin (INTX) and other cryptocurrencies on different merchant locations and online e-commerce websites.

The Intexcharity is the world’s first peer-to-peer charity donation platform wherein one can directly donate to the intended beneficiary without the third-party intermediary. The use of blockchain makes Intexcharity as one of the most transparent charity-donation platforms in the world.

Intexplace is a secure E-commerce platform where users can buy and sell their goods or services, using Intexcoin at the start with more cryptocurrencies to be added in the future.

Intexplace: Intexplace is a secure decentralized marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers globally. On the platform, users will be able to shop in the near future using the native Intexcoin (INTX) and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Besides, users can create their own virtual shops, their own brand of new and second-hand goods as well as render services in the currency of their choice. The Intexcoin Project also donates part of the transaction fee arising out of these purchases using its own Intexcharity platform.

IntexPay: This is another contactless, trusted, and cashless payment solution and part of the Intexcoin project. IntexPay aims to serve as a payment instrument for all sectors which will work towards the development process of crypto money. It is flexible, scalable, and hosts a secure infrastructure for seamless transactions.
Moreover, IntexPay has been designed in a way that it can provide funding for the cryptocurrency aided activities. Every time one uses IntexPay as a medium of transaction, a part of it goes towards charity.
Similarly, the acceptance points are one of the most important pillars of the IntexPay ecosystem.

Intexcharity: The Intexcoin Project associates itself to the noble cause of charity through its IntexCharity platform. IntexCharity is a blockchain-based platform that accepts donations in the traditional payments as well as crypto payments.
Using blockchain infrastructure IntexCharity ensure absolute transparency in the donation process and makes sure the benefits reach the intended beneficiary.

Intexcoin and Its Partners

To boost further growth of the Intexcoin ecosystem, the Project developers have partnered with some key players from the industry.

Intexcoin has joined hands with leading software giant Oracle to develop its blockchain, AI, biodata, and other big projects. This partnership will allow all Oracle customers to develop close synergies with future Intexcoin projects.

Intexcoin has also joined hands with the world’s largest coinATM manufacturer General bytes which will facilitate buying/selling of Intexcoins (INTX) on all its ATMs.

To make in-store merchant payments possible, Intexcoin has also partnered with the world’s PoS payments manufacturer Nayak. Using Nayak solutions, Intexcoin can integrate INTX payments at different merchant locations.

A few years back, Intexcoin joined hands with a Norwegian coffee maker Nordicdrink and provided them the right payment solutions using Nayak.


Intexcoin is a key project which aims to push cryptocurrency use beyond an investment tool or commodity. It aims to bring crypto payments to everyday purchases and develop close synergies between the traditional and the cryptocurrency platforms.