Nimbus – Proposal Of Cooperation Initiated With CNMV To Bring Clarity To Fintech Industry

Nimbus – Proposal Of Cooperation Initiated With CNMV To Bring Clarity To Fintech Industry


Nimbus made an open proposal to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to help in the development of a robust regulatory framework, which will ultimately allow to bring clarity to the DeFi industry and protect the digital asset community from malicious actors. The high level of expertise and experience in the topic allows the Nimbus team to not only educate but also advise the Spanish regulator on legislative matters.

“At Nimbus, we are pioneering close cooperation with European, American, and Middle Eastern regulators to bring stability, transparency, and, most importantly, security to the DeFi and Fintech industry. Our team looks forward to sharing our knowledge and assist in the development of rules that will best serve the digital asset community.”

It should be noted that Nimbus already assists regulators and legislators from several countries in terms of collaboration, guidance, or information regarding the new field. Ultimately, the team seeks to create some sort of regulatory framework that could serve as a template for all the interested parties. Only this way the DeFi industry will manage to become part of the existing financial system.

You may find Nimbus’s letter and its addendum of an overview on these links.

Letter to CNVM
Nimbus Overview

About Nimbus

Nimbus is a DAO-governed ecosystem of dApps that offers more than 16 financial services in Fintech. With 50,000 active users in more than 120 countries, the Nimbus platform is based on a protocol that runs on open-source proprietary developed code, which has been audited by third parties.

Earlier, the company announced the launch of a smart contract-based P2P trading platform, which allows its users to exchange tokens in a fully automated and secure manner, by keeping immutable transaction records. Additionally, the new architecture removes high costs and all sorts of overheads required to protect against hacking attempts. It should be noted that matching and clearing are also performed by smart contracts.

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