Will Take the Stress of Hosting a Masternode Off Your Back Will Take the Stress of Hosting a Masternode Off Your Back

Hosting a masternode is now considered the most effective, easiest and safest way to make money from the crypto market consistently. A solid masternode portfolio could easily hedge an investor against bad market conditions.

Since more people are realizing this fact, the number of investors shifting their attention towards masternodes investment has increased significantly.

Previously, setting up a masternode required some advanced technical knowledge, but thanks to services like, anyone can set up a masternode within 90 seconds.

What is and How Does it Work is a whole-node masternode hosting platform. This means investors need to have enough balance that can cover the cost of a masternode of their choosing.

To ensure that investors have full collateral required for the masternode coin in their local wallet, the platform requires a TXID of collateral.

Once the TXID is inputted in the required field on the website, the platform starts the masternode deployment process. This is estimated to take between 35 and 90 seconds, depending on the workload on the server providers.

After the deployment process is done, the platform gives you a ready-to-use masternode.conf file and all you need to do is to change your masternode.conf file with the one given by our platform.

And then you need to restart your wallet to see the changes and start your masternode from your local wallet.

Features of


One key feature that makes the platform unique and better than most offering the same type of service is the DIP003, Deterministic Masternode Lists.

This feature takes the pressure off masternode owners. As such, the main problems and difficulty associated with owning a masternode now rest on shoulders.

On most conventional masternodes platforms, owners are required to put content into the masternode configuration file which is usually given by the provider.

Owners are also required to restart their masternodes after mandatory updates, any chain issues or technical issues.

The DIP003, takes all these pressure off the masternodes owner. With DIP003, there’s no masternode configuration file or any start buttons in your wallet. These are now completely controlled by

Importantly, it allows to start investors nodes or even move them to another server/IP without any user action required or without losing your reward queue.

Advanced monitoring

Masternodes owners are provided with an advanced and well-detailed monitoring system. On this platform, masternodes owners are provided will real-time notifications of changes to their system.

Easy Deployment

Deploying a masternode on the platform takes at most 90 seconds. This makes the platform one of the fastest in the industry. Coupled with the easy to navigate user interface, setting up a masternode with is very straightforward.

Affiliation Program

With this program, for each unique referral’s first deposit you will get paid $10!

Platform Stats

Currently, the platform host over 3000 masternodes with a total value of over $9+Million and supporting 193 projects at the end of 2019.

How Much Does It Cost To Use

To use the platform, apart from your collateral, pricing starts from $0.13 per day for Cloud plan and $0.33 per day for a Dedicated plan. The amount will be deducted from your account every day at 00:00 UTC.

The Payment Options

More than 25 cryptocurrencies are accepted as a form of payment on the platform. This includes top coins like BTC, DASH, and ETH. Also, recently the team announced that fiat payments are now accepted in platform. This means users can now also top up your account balance using their Credit or Debit cards.

Within a year of starting operation, has done well for itself in terms of the number of masternodes hosted and the total value. The bull market expected in the coming years is expected to further drive these numbers up. This makes now the perfect time to take advantage of the platform.