ODUWA COIN: A Unique and Fresh Crypto Project on Track With its Goals and Objectives

ODUWA COIN: A Unique and Fresh Crypto Project on Track With its Goals and Objectives


One established fact when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies is that nothing is certain. This simply means your trade which has been in the green zone for more than six weeks can take a sudden turn and become negative within a few minutes. So just because your trade is going right doesn’t mean you are rich. Until you close that trade, you are at the mercy of the market.

This phenomenon is common with all forms of financial market, however, that of the crypto market is more pronounced. This is basically because of the extremely high volatility associated with the crypto market.

The resulting effect of this volatility is what has led to the creation of alternatives such as the one offered by ODUWA COIN.

Project overview

The ODUWA COIN project is a unique cryptocurrency project designed to offers indemnity and insurance against the volatility of the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. What this simply means is that you are protected from the negative effects of Volatility in the crypto market.

The project has been able to effectively combining Blockchain technology and insurance to give investors a way to insure themselves from losses in the cryptocurrency market.

Financial possibilities of the project

The financial experts behind ODUWA understand investors’ concerns that investing in cryptocurrency is an enterprise with high risk considering its digital nature that is always prone to hackers, volatility and high uncertainty within the coin market. ODUWA aims to counter these problems through an intelligent solution, which involves selecting coins to ensure, keeping a proportional reserve to the invested amount, and automated smart contracts.

The goal of ODUWA’s volatility insurance offering is to protect investors, utilizing a contract, against losses in leading, high-quality cryptocurrencies.

ODUWA has gone through several changes and challenges which has molded the project into a top-notch blockchain platform. For example, the Oduwa blockchain upgrade which was initiated as a result of an attack on the network has helped those behind the platform realize some of the network’s weaknesses. This upgrade was also extended to the coin’s wallet. This wallet has been undergoing several rounds of security and technical upgrades.
Recently, the Oduwa Coin team announced that the coin can now be found on the popular coin listing and monitor platform, CoinMarketCap. This addition is coming some weeks after the coin got listed on P2PB2B.

Also, it was revealed that the Oduwa Coin is now available on Crypto Crash Game rocket fire. Anyone interested can easily access the game through this link: https://xcryptocrash.com/play-owc.

Guide on how to play the game can be found in the video below.

With the coin getting listed on popular crypto exchange Crex 24. Anyone interested in the coin can easily buy it using this channel. The Oduwa team has also recommended that users should stick to buying coins from exchanges only, and stay away from individual sellers.

With the addition of the ODUWA COIN to several crypto related platforms and the team behind the technology going out of their way to make the network a better version, the platform is expected to be part of the few crypto projects to survive the intense bearish market the crypto market has found itself.

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