A Comprehensive Overview of VAULT Investments

A Comprehensive Overview of VAULT Investments

VAULT Investments

Greetings all readers,

Whether you are experienced in the cryptocurrency and/or Masternode space, the VAULT investments platform is too good to not be on your radar. This article will serve as an introduction to VAULT, and give a complete and thorough overview of its many features and offerings.

Introduction to VAULT – Platform Overview

Despite its potential as a fantastic source of passive income and powerful blockchain innovation, Masternodes have gotten a bad reputation over the past couple of years – largely due to the multitude of failed projects and scams that litter the markets. This unfortunate trend has led many away from what would otherwise be a fintech revolution in the crypto markets. Enter: VAULT Investments. The VAULT investments platform was designed specifically to protect investors and to bridge the gap between traditional investors and the masternode market. Through tapping into the potential of well-established and reputable masternode projects, as well as highly vetted new projects developed within its own incubator program (CRYO), the projects offered by VAULT are of the highest pedigree.

The platform was designed by VAULT’s in-house development team and offers users a sleek and intuitive interface. Upon logging in using either Discord, Telegram or Google credentials, users will be met with the following landing page:

This is a list of some of the supported coins available for investment on the platform. At the top of the list are VAULT’s incubated projects – known as CRYO projects. More on that later.

By clicking the “Add to my holdings” button, an empty share card will be created at the top of your dashboard. Navigate up to the share card, and click to open. See below:

Here users are able to unveil their deposit address, set their withdrawal address, adjust reinvestment settings, and track their rewards. Pro tip: set Reinvest to 100% to enjoy compounding rewards and maximize your returns over time.

Custom Data Center

To the best of our knowledge and research, VAULT is the safest and most reliable Masternode hosting platform available for investors. This is due to the up-front investments by the VAULT team to purchase their own servers, which are stored and managed by VAULT’s own I.T. wizards.

Unlike other hosting platforms that purchase cheap VPS services to host your nodes – VAULT’s use of their own hardware makes them a step ahead of their competition. More reliable hardware means less downtime for nodes, and more consistent rewards for investors. This is just one of the ways that VAULT goes the extra mile to ensure the best returns for their platform users.

PRIME Membership

In November 2019, VAULT announced the release of premium memberships for their platform. For users who activate PRIME membership, they will receive

  • FREE hosting for all coins for LIFE,
  • special “maximum” Icedrops (see below),
  • access to private lotteries,
  • and the highly requested “dark mode.”

PRIME membership is available for a lifetime purchase or as a subscription. Available options include 3, 6, 12, and lifetime purchases. These fees will, of course, be paid in VAULT but priced in USD.

CRYO Explained

One of the original features of the VAULT platform: the CRYO program is cleverly named after the science of cryogenics, which refers to low – temperature physics. At its core, CRYO is a protocol designed specifically to solve the main issue in the Masternode market: scams and premine dumps.

VAULT coin, as well as all coins produced by VAULT’s incubator program, support the CRYO protocol. This protocol essentially “locks” presale Masternode collateral on the platform, disabling withdraws to external wallets – and thereby preventing dumps. Protecting the presale nodes for a predetermined length of time (usually 90 days) benefits investors and project leaders alike. It gives investors the peace of mind to know that an exit scam is literally impossible (All rated projects have the premine locked on the platform), while also allowing project owners and developers some much-needed time to create platforms and use-cases for their coins. During the CRYO period, users are still able to withdraw and sell their rewards – but only their rewards. Any coins purchased on the market and sent to the CRYO share remain unlocked.

The effect of this is healthy for the market. While liquidity may be low during CRYO periods, coins are always available for purchase OTC from the VAULT platform administrators directly. Otherwise, it allows for the project (and its market) to reach maturity through shielding from dumpers.


Ice-drops are just like airdrops, but with a twist. While many projects give out free coins to their communities via airdrop, these campaigns often have a negative impact on their respective markets. This is because the free coins are almost always dumped. Ice-drops combines the excitement and community engagement of airdrops with the security of CRYO.

An Ice-drop remains frozen in your account for 90 days, during which time it accumulates rewards. The difference is, these rewards can not be withdrawn. To claim ownership of your ice-drop, the final balance must reach a balance of 100, after which it will generate rewards to be added to your regular share. All ice-drops that do not reach this quantity, will return all user deposited coins to the users and the remainder will be returned to the project owners or burned – and permanently taken out of circulation.

So in effect, ice-drops actually create market demand by incentivizing people to purchase enough coins to get to 100. They are a nice bonus for committed investors and holders.

Other Platforms – Marketing Server

The VAULT team acquired a highly populated Discord server from a partner project and conducted a thorough rebranding. This server is now known as the VAULT Marketing Server and is used to promote all CRYO projects, as well as VAULT’s strategic partners. From one server, investors can monitor the progress of all CRYO projects, as well as participate in special bounties, giveaways, and lotteries. This is yet another way that VAULT seeks to improve the experience of all its users: a high level of convenience. Users don’t have to be in numerous chat rooms. VAULT understands that its investors are busy.


Originally, BitBuzz was going to be its own CRYO coin. However, for various reasons, plans were scrapped and instead the BitBuzz platform has been repurposed as part of the VAULT ecosystem! VAULT will now be the official coin of BitBuzz.

BitBuzz is an open-source crypto news site that allows users to be compensated in VAULT coins. The platform itself will also generate income for VAULT, through paid promotions, banners, advertisements, and content campaigns. A portion of these funds will be used for VAULT buybacks – further supporting the market and contributing to the ecosystem.

More details on this exciting addition will follow soon.

Innovations – VAULT Investment Pools

The newest and perhaps the most exciting aspect of the VAULT Investments platform is the Masternode pools – made available only to VAULT holders. Investors can acquire a “seat” of the shared pool (VAULT 10s) through freezing 100 VAULT coins in CRYO, and receive regular rewards in BTC or LTC from pool profits. The pool has an initial capital of over $18,000 and consists of mainly CRYO projects. However, as funds become available, strategic additions to the pool will be made.

The seed fund for the Masternode pool. Initial capital of $18,000+

Again, a portion of pool profits (15%) will be used on buying back VAULT coins from the market, supporting the price and increasing the value of VAULT for its investors.


The larger “VAULT Whale” pool is aimed at professional investors. This offers much larger startup collateral and all the features of the shared pool, along with other undisclosed benefits that are only available upon entry to the private investors’ area. Entry to the VAULT WHALES is only currently available to buyers of VAULT masternodes in OTC (with no additional costs) and other VAULT masternode holders with additional payment in BTC.


VAULT’s platform and underlying coin are a bastion of the masternode market. Through solving the primary problems present in the industry, bringing back credibility, and providing a first-class experience through its own data center and marketing platforms, the VAULT platform is far and away from the best of its competition. VAULT coin itself is a diversified investment and has a growing list of uses and utilities. Purchasing VAULT will allow investors to:

  • pay platform fees, including the PRIME subscriptions,
  • get your news,
  • earn passive income in VAULT,
  • and earn diversified income in BTC and other currencies through the Masternode pool.

And while all of this seems great, the best is yet to come.

To learn more about VAULT, check out the following links:

Website: https://www.vault.investments/

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