Paycore Coin to the Moon: New Exchange listing, Conference Showcase, Steady Rise in Price

Paycore Coin to the Moon: New Exchange listing, Conference Showcase, Steady Rise in Price


When it comes to connecting blockchain technology with existing financial structures, one blockchain project which is leading the pack is Paycore.

Paycore is designed to integrate and marry the use of blockchain technology (cryptocurrency, and wallets) with traditional financial tools (bank accounts, bank card.)
Users of the Paycore coin and platform don’t have to choose between using a bank account or having a crypto wallet. The platform allows both to coexist in a well-balanced relationship. As a result of this, Paycore is attracting more mainstream users than most blockchain project of the same nature.

With security and privacy a major priority of the Paycore network, the platform administrators are always doing their best to make it possible for transactions to be carried out on the network security, privately and also at the lowest fees possible. The progress the Paycore network has witnessed in recent times has made it clear that the Paycore team is dedicated to improving the Paycore platform.

The Paycore coin has found its way to some top cryptos listing platform recently. Through these platforms, interested parties will be able to track the price of the coin as well as masternodes, volume, market cap statistics etc, all in real time.

Example of these platforms includes, PROBLOCKCHAIN.
Having the coin listed on this type of services makes it possible for a larger audience to access the coin and those who are currently looking for a coin which is performing well in the market will be easily presented with the Paycore coin.

For those interested in buying the Paycore coin, through an exchange, currently, the coin is listed on two exchanges. The second exchange (Midex) listing took place less than a month. Listing of the Paycore coin on the Midex exchange has enhanced and exposed to the Paycore network significantly.

According to the Paycore team, the following are the advantages of listing the coin on Midex exchange:

  • decentralization;
  • stability and reliability;
  • transactions speed;
  • small fee;
  • user-friendly interface without lagging;
  • good support.
  • the coins listed on Midex will be the first to implement the new «BTC in – BTC out» system, which allows investors to buy and sell coins immediately on the Midas platform. That means you can automatically sell your PCR rewards, put a buy order and once it is filled your coins will start earning rewards. Also, that system allows you to earn rewards even if the coins are placed in sell order.
  • attracting the interest of new people via announcements and media channels Midex;
  • increase in trade volumes.

The teams have however made it clear that it is actively working on adding the coin to more exchanges and it welcomes any form of tips or advice from the community. The team was originally planning to list on Cryptopia but the recent hack of the exchange has lead to the community losing faith in the crypto exchange.

Proving that the project is not some redundant crypto project with no recognition or real uses case just like most project currently floating in the market. The Paycore team has been able to secure a place in the forthcoming Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. The project will be represent its official media partner— Cryptoshib. The Conference will take place on the 22nd of March 2019.