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Paycore Coin

Paycore is a global solution for all money transfers

The availability of a single multi-currency Paycore account allows person to store and make settlements and payments to e-wallets, bank accounts, plastic cards of all possible services. Transfers within the system are free and transactions with assets are instant. Paycore is first of all the convenience of online payments, complying with the main message of cryptocurrencies – anonymity.

Blockchain technology has become a new era in the development of information and financial technologies. Over the past few years, it has brought significant changes to the international financial sector. This blockchain project Paycore expands and promotes cases of Blockchain’s actual use. It will simplify its private and business use with the help of this project’s solutions.

The Paycore platform has a powerful structure designed to withstand the current market demand. It works as the most comprehensive and fastest tool on the market, and this is possible thanks to blockchain technologies.

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Main goals of the project

Project’s main goals are:

  • Anonymous sending money p2p with a minimal fee (or 0% fee)
  • Anonymous easy and secure transfer of Fiat money into the cryptocurrency world
  • Fast and easy convert cryptocurrencies and withdraw to Fiat accounts, PayCore cards, and third-party Bank cards in one interface
  • Control and manage your cryptocurrency accounts in one interface
  • Instant exchange, deposit and withdraw in one interface without complicated use of third-party services and exchanges
  • Payment gateway integration into the business to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and fiat money, make payments and maintain accounts

Features of the project

Easiness and transparency of blockchain capabilities in the infrastructure

100% anonymity, development of our platform on the blockchain system ensures the anonymity of financial transactions

The ability to withdraw funds directly to your bank card with a minimum commission

Superior Security
Funds require advanced security and project team builders knows it. In this platform, you can make available any types of verification.

Transaction speed
Due to the speed of the blockchain network, operations are almost instant and do not require a long wait.

No commission
Internal transfers are free, no commissions.

The most affordable way to convert Paycore соin in cash.
By sending funds to your Paycore card they immediately will be available for use, and a commission will remain minimal.

You can use your card in any service, whether it is an online store or cafe, it is enough that they accept payment with Visa.

Coin specifications

Coin name: Paycore
Ticker: PCR
Type: POS+MN
Algorithm: (POW/POS): QUARK
Masternode Collateral: 1 000 PCR
Masternode reward: 75% rewards
Staking (POS) reward:25% rewards
Block Time: 60 sec
Total supply: 5 000 000 PCR
Premine – 2%: 100 000 PCR
Maturity time: 6 hours
Stake minimum: 10% of MN collateral
POS req. minimum: 100 PCR


1st stage
Idea of service creation
Team formation
Concept formation
Business model approval

2nd stage
Technical plan creation
Project development plan creation
Website and project design development
Blockchain coding

3rd stage
Publishing official website
Blockchain final tests
Support team building
Official Bitcoin Talk announcement
PayCore Block explorer launch

In progress
Whitepaper release
Other crypto sites announcements
Official Paycore blockchain launch
Marketing team building
Looking for project investors

4th stage
In progress
Crypto statistics sites listing
Community growth campaigns
Project popularization
Listing on the 1st exchange
Social networks promo 1st campaign launch
Partnership with other projects
Shared Masternode services listings

5th stage
Listing on the 2nd exchange
Web wallet release
Android and iOs app release
Social networks promo 2nd campaign launch
Listing on CoinMarketCap
Platform MVP internal testing
Platform MVP release
Paycore platform “bug report” bounty campaign

6th stage
Listing on the 3rd exchange
Paycore presentation on the blockchain summit “Europe’s Leading Blockchain Event” (London 2019)
Partnership with commercial services
Platform Beta internal testing
Platform Beta release
Paycore platform “bug report” bounty campaign

7th stage
Integration with the fiat gateways
Paycore presentation at the conference “The connection of the blockchain with the financial world”
Release of the PayCore platform
Start of PayCore cards production
… and more

Watch INTRO video below of the project