Raptoreum | A Trustless and Attack Immune Network Decentralizing Mining

Raptoreum | A Trustless and Attack Immune Network Decentralizing Mining


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, April 08, 2021 — Raptoreum is an ASIC and FPGA resistant cryptocurrency working with PoW enabling the creation of different assets like NFTs, futures, and also executing smart contracts. The platform is being built with several unique features, including the Ghostrider algorithm. It works to reduce the dependency on expensive hardware for mining giving the users freedom over hash power bringing everyone into the fold.

The Unique Aspects of Raptoreum

The Ghostrider protocol is primary to the platform. The purpose of this protocol is to remove the need to spend money on getting the expensive mining hardware. Because the platform is resistant to ASICs and FPGAs, Raptoreum miners are able to make use of older/redundant hardware to decentralize the mining.

This allows any and every user to mine on the platform. The Ghostrider platform is built by the Raptoreum team and discourages the use of ASIC and FPGA oriented hardware. By using the Ghostrider protocol, the users are able to leverage the idle CPU power on the system and earn rewards in RTM (ticker name).

With Raptoreum, the users can be assured of the fact that there won’t be any 51% attacks on the platform. Raptoreum has enabled LLMQs and Chain-locks. This prevents any user with more than 51% control of the PoW system from abusing that position. Raptoreum also prevents this sort of attack by providing a special CLSIG message in every block. Only after 60% of the SmartNodes have seen the block, is the message sent.

Multiple Use Cases of Raptoreum

Raptoreum’s user-centricity and ability to decentralize the network functions make way for multiple uses. For one, it allows multi-language smart contracts to be created and executed from the platform. Other networks like Ethereum have a limitation on smart contract scalability and languages. With Raptoreum, the users can directly develop and deploy the smart contracts on the smart node layer.

Raptoreum’s instant send and 2-minute confirmation window increase the transaction speed and security. The LLMQ backed transactions are sent to the network, and at the moment of their arrival, these transactions are unconfirmed. The confirmation is confirmed after the execution of 1 block. Since the average block time is 2 minutes, the transaction is confirmed within 2 minutes and at lower costs.

Another way users can leverage Raptoreum’s features is by creating DAPPs. The users can create assets and NFTs via the Raptoreum DAPP in different languages. NFTs requires no programming skills and can be created directly from the wallet. This means that the programmers need not depend on learning Solidity to write the code for contracts created on the platform. The same assets can be transferred via an on-chain trustless network.

Getting RTM

RTM is the ticker name for the cryptocurrency based with Raptoreum. The user community can buy RTM from different exchanges on which the cryptocurrency has been listed. These includes Coingecko, SafeTrade, Coinpaprika, and a few others. The same will be listed on SouthXchange on the 9th of April 2021. https://main.southxchange.com/Market/List

Apart from buying RTM from these exchanges, users can also get access to the cryptocurrency by mining it using CPU power. At present, Raptoreum does not allow GPU mining. So, the users using a GPU-based mining system can mine another cryptocurrency and buy RTM by selling the mined asset.

Lastly, it is possible to win RTM from the events and trivia help on the Discord and Telegram channel.

About Raptoreum

Raptoreum is an immune and performant cryptocurrency platform decentralizing cryptocurrency mining by giving the users access to the Ghostrider algorithm. The users can mine the cryptocurrency using the CPU power on a platform that is resistant to ASIC or FPGA type of mining.

The users can earn rewards for mining the RTM without having to spend on getting expensive mining-related hardware making it one of the most inclusive platforms out there to date. The platform is also immune to the 51% attacks and will provide access to platform-based DAPPs that can be used to create contracts with NFTs and other assets being available in the protocol layer itself.

Media Contact
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