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Mining ZCash

Mining Zcash | Ensuring Completely Private & Secure Transactions with zk-SNARK

Cryptocurrency miners are always on the lookout for privacy and an ability to automate things. Mining Zcash takes care of the privacy part and adds accessibility to the mix with the cloud mining operation. The miners will be able to set up the mining algorithms that boast valid financial transactions and do not disclose any…
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A Multi-faceted and Highly Intelligent MZC is the Next Big Thing in the Cryptoworld

The rationale behind MiningZcash is to deploy next-gen cryptocurrency features with robust security and privacy. The coin provided by MiningZcash goes by the ticker MZC, and it can be mined with the Proof of Work technology similar to Bitcoin. Furthermore, the MZC operates on the ERC20 smart contracts to create a stable and robust ecosystem…
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Uranium X altcoin

Uranium-X: The Decentralised Community Coin

Uranium X is a unique mineable altcoin that is currently developing an ecosystem that features a free miner game and a super Atomic News Feed. Uranium X, prefixed as URX is extremely low in supply. There are only 235,000 coins that are going to be released over the next 70 years (now 69). Like other…
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