Streamies: Democratizing Content Generation and Distribution Using the Power of Blockchain

Streamies: Democratizing Content Generation and Distribution Using the Power of Blockchain


With the global internet consumption skyrocketing northwards, the online media and content industry is witnessing a massive growth over the last few years. While the content streaming and distribution industry had progressed considerably, it has not done enough democratize this process for content creators as well as consumers.

Streamies is one such cryptocurrency that aims to address this issue by leveraging the power of blockchain and distributed ledger. As per its creators, Streamies is a decentralized, secure and anonymous platform free from the shackles of any government or regulatory control.

This gives absolute freedom to content creators to host the content of their choice, as well as to the viewers to watch it.

Besides, the platform has also got its native cryptocurrency dubbed Streamies (STRMS) that can be used for streaming music, movies, live streams, and a lot more from within its native wallet.

The Streamies cryptocurrency functions using the Skunkhas algorithm. Users can purchase these STRMS tokens against Bitcoin on two exchanges named Crex24 and Finebox.

Every seed, online wallet, and masternode available on the Streamies blockchain shall function as a server responsible for streaming and hosting your content. The Streamies wallet is available on all platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Benefits of Using Streamies

  1. Anonymity: The Streamies platform provides absolute anonymity to all its users. Thus, if you are watching, talking, or streaming any content on the platform, your identity will remain absolutely anonymous to other users of the platform.
  2. Decentralization: The platform is absolutely decentralized with no single person control. This gives users absolute freedom to decide what they want to stream or watch.
  3. Uncensored: Unlike other streaming platforms, Streamies gives users absolute control over their channel and feed. Thus there’s no limitation of censorship or fear of getting banned.
  4. Security: The Streamies platform developers guarantee absolute security for user data and content. Besides, the platform also assures high-end privacy for its users.

Why Buy Streamies?

Streamies is currently at its very early stage of development. Thus being an early investor on Streamies will give you access to being a masternode on the platform and reap the rewards.

Once you receive these rewards, you can use them for investing in another masternode, or tipping streamers, watching content on streams and much more. Soon as the wallet foes live, there will be free streams and paid streams.

To become a masternode, the platform requires you to have at least 1000 Streamies (STRMS) tokens There are several ways to become a masternode on the Streamies blockchain. One is to purchase the STRMS tokens directly from the exchanges, stake Streamies using the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) method, mine Streamies, or participate in bounties.

The amount for premise participation is 50,000 Streamies. These tokens shall be used for bounties, a masternode per team member of the Streamies platform, or a masternode for supporting the network.

Note that the Streamies tokens that don’t contribute in giveaways in bounties shall be sent to a burner address and thus will be removed from the total supply.

Out of the total rewards generated by the Streamies network, 65% of rewards will go to the masternodes while 35% of rewards will go to the miners.

Roadmap for the Streamies Platform

There are a number of developments line up for the Streamies platform ahead this year in 2020.

  • By Q1 2020, the creators plan to launch Streamies platform along with conducting a limited Pre-sale and CoinBurn. Besides, the team will make STRMS tokens available on the exchanges for purchase.
  • In Q2 2020, the team plans to release the whitepaper along with mobile wallets.
  • In Q3 2020, the team will focus on spreading the work and on advertisements.

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