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StonkInu: First-Ever Stonking (Odds-Based) Options Betting Game on a Platform Audited by TechRate

After getting audited by TechRate, StonkInu has received a stellar rating in terms of performance and security from the auditor company. StonkInu combines two popular assets in the crypto space to build something new and better. The StonkInu game provides unique odds-based trading that allows placing bets on Bitcoin and other major platforms to earn better returns. In…
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Project Si14bet Invest – The Future of Betting

The sports betting industry is dominated by a few major players. However, project Si14Bet invest is taking a unique approach that will ensure it succeeds. With new areas of expansion, it creates an opportunity for betting platforms to offer a new approach to betting enthusiasts. Project Si14bet Invest is one of the firms trying a…
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PowerBalt: Blockchain-based Lottery System For The Official U.S. PowerBall

The online gambling and betting industry has seen consistent growth over the last decade. By the end of 2020, industry reports suggest that the online gambling market will be worth around $60 billion and will continue to grow at 11.5% up to 2027. The online gambling industry presents some key drivers like easy and quick…
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1x2 sportsbook

1×2 Coin: Transforming Sports Betting By Leveraging the Power of Cryptocurrency

With the advent of cryptocurrency, the online gambling and betting industry has taken a new turn. By 2017, the online gaming industry was estimated to be worth $37.9 billion USD and continues to grow further. One segment, that is sports gambling, contributes a major chunk of the online gambling industry. The 1×2 coin and sportsbook…
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ESBC betting portal

ESBC Betting—The Future of Gambling

Video gaming has gone beyond a hobby or a form of escape from real life. e-Sport betting is a perfect justification for this fact. People are now having careers in video gaming and investors are coming into space with millions of dollars worth of investments. All these factors and many more make the e-Sport space…
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