StonkInu: First-Ever Stonking (Odds-Based) Options Betting Game on a Platform Audited by TechRate

StonkInu: First-Ever Stonking (Odds-Based) Options Betting Game on a Platform Audited by TechRate


After getting audited by TechRateStonkInu has received a stellar rating in terms of performance and security from the auditor company. StonkInu combines two popular assets in the crypto space to build something new and better. The StonkInu game provides unique odds-based trading that allows placing bets on Bitcoin and other major platforms to earn better returns. In addition, the platform works on a deflationary principle with a fixed percentage of the token supply determined to be burned before the launch.

Introducing the Stonking Game

This is the first betting-based game on the blockchain, on which StonkInu is built. The users can place their bets on different outcomes related to the price of various cryptocurrencies. There will be options to bet on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, etc. The users will get an option like “BTC touch $50,000 by September 15” and place their bets. The winners can get returns on their placed bets.

50% of the profits earned by the platform via the stonking game will be used to buy back $STONK and they will be burned to accelerate the price. The users can also open new crypto positions and bet on them or participate in the existing ones.

The Hold and Earn Mechanism

StonkInu also lets users earn by holding $STONK in their wallets. Every token holder automatically gains eligibility to earn more tokens in reward by holding some in the wallet. These are static rewards that are automatically sent into the user’s wallet. The reward comes from a 2% transaction fee paid by the users, but the same is sent back to the wallets via redistribution.

The buyback feature is helpful as it helps crypto platforms invest back into their tokens and as a result, reduce the number of tokens in supply. As the token supply reduces the value of tokens held by the users, increases.

StonkInu also has a dead wallet that will have frozen liquidity and initially own a large supply of tokens. The tokens in the deal wallet are set to burn and never go back into supply.

About StonkInu

StonkInu is a deflationary platform providing odds-based trading and buyback functions to support price increase and a dead wallet to increase the token value. With a total supply of 1 Quadrillion tokens, StonkInu will go on a pre-sale with 50% of its total supply on DxSale. As a platform, it brings the first-ever betting game on its blockchain. The future for StonkInu involves a CEX listing, officially launching the stonking (betting) platform, and a governance portal for better outcomes.