ESBC Betting—The Future of Gambling

ESBC Betting—The Future of Gambling

ESBC betting portal

Video gaming has gone beyond a hobby or a form of escape from real life. e-Sport betting is a perfect justification for this fact. People are now having careers in video gaming and investors are coming into space with millions of dollars worth of investments. All these factors and many more make the e-Sport space perfect for gambling.

As expected, several e-sport betting portals have launched recently. Traditional betting portals are also shifting their attention towards this new niche.

Although good news for the e-sport industry, it is not so for gamblers. Traditional betting portals have their own problems, which limits them and they will be bringing this problem into the e-Sporting space.

One of the key problems associated with online gambling is the high commission rate. Gambling portals are known to charge a substantial amount of fee from the money won and deposited into the platform. These fees are known as the running cost of such a portal. With fees as much as 12%, it becomes increasingly difficult for most gamblers to breakeven on a single win. Lack of Anonymity for customers is another key concern of most gamblers. Having a debit alert show up on the bank account history of some client is a major cause of concern.

Security is another major bone of contention. Most traditional gambling platforms can not guarantee the safety of their client’s banking information. With gambling portal well known to attract attack from cybercriminals, having your account card details at their mercy is a risky thing.

Considering all these major problems it is clear that a solution is needed promptly.

This is why the launch of the ESBC betting portal is a big deal for the entire e-sport industry.

The ESBC Betting Portal

The ESBC betting portal is a blockchain-powered e-Sport gambling platform with its own coin—ESBC coin. The platform serves as a perfect alternative to traditional gambling platform.

Advantages of Using the ESBC betting portal

Extremely Low Commission

The ESBC betting portal has made it known that it will not take collision beyond 1% from its users. This is opposed to the 7-15% commission being charged by other platforms. This makes the platform a strong contender for the best e-sport gambling platform.

Data Protection

Another key advantage of the ESBC betting portal over others is the fact that users are not required to drop a lot of data before they can use the platform. This gives users a bit of anonymity compared to other platforms.


Security is another major advantage of using the ESBC betting portal. Since all transactions will be conducted using the platform’s native coin—ESBC coin, users don’t have to input their payment information on the platform. As a result, the risk of losing your credit-debit card information to hackers is limited. This is in addition to the state of the art security measures being put in place by the ESBC betting portal.

The ESBC Coin

This is the ESBC betting portal native token. The coin is the sole betting currency on the platform. It will be used for funding users accounts as well as withdrawing winnings.

Users will able to use the coin for in-game items and codes for games between users. The use of the ESBC coin makes it possible for the platform to charge 1-2% for these transactions compared to competitors charge average 10%!

The ESBC Coin is Dump Resistant

In line with the ESBC betting portal birthday, the ESBC team has done a lot of coin giveaway. Unfortunately, the generous giveaway has not stopped the bad eggs in the crypto industry from attacking the platform’s wallets.

Recently, the platform team reported a hack attack on a big wallet holder. The hack led to the dumping of about 500,000 Coins which equals to about 3 percent of the total ESBC coin in circulation.

Although a sad turn of event, it is important to note that no other DLT platform can survive an attack of this nature.

Unlike most DLT platforms out here, the ESBC team has made it clear that they will help the affected wallet holders. A wallet for donation has also been open on the platform to this effect.


With a circulating supply of 19.7 million coins and a max supply of 30 million coins, ESBC coins can be found on at least five exchanges, with the most active being CREX24.

Other exchanges you can trade the coin include:

  • STEX

Bonus Offer

Currently, ESBC is offering a contest for all its registered user.

The total prize pool is 100,000 ESBC.

Prize pool distribution:

  • 1st place – 5000 ESBC (Bronze Masternode)
  • 2nd place – 2000 ESBC
  • 3rd place – 1000 ESBC
  • 4 and 5th places – 500 ESBC
  • 6 – 10th place – 200 ESBC

How the winner is determined?

The winners will be players with the highest rate of betting profit by 11/30/2019.

Importantly, betting profit displays the difference between the number of coins you won and the coins you placed.