Decentralized Marketplace Martkist to Unveil OTC Trading Desk and Online Forum

Decentralized Marketplace Martkist to Unveil OTC Trading Desk and Online Forum


When we think of Anarchy, many of us involuntarily drift towards civil disobedience, violent protests, and vandalism. This is unfortunate because Anarchy is a highly scholarly public discourse of a world without hierarchical systems of governance where people collaborate freely and trade/goods exchange is prioritized.

Introducing Martkist

Martkist is an online marketplace that makes anarchical/decentralized goods/services exchange possible between individuals and communities around the world. It helps to give freedom of choice and preference back to the buyers and sellers, something that is glaringly missing from big overly centralized monopolistic marketplaces of today.

Martkist aims to accomplish this through a consensus-based governance system that uses the concept of masternodes for an effective marketplace solution. A newly developed wallet is also on the cards for Windows, macOS and Linux.

New Merchant Directory with Online Forum and OTC Desk

To facilitate exchange and trade within the online Martkist platform, a new merchant directory is being launched by the Team according to the laid out plan. The directory will come with a fully functional Over The Counter (OTC) desk and an online forum for community engagement and discussion.

According to the public post on Discord:

“Starting on Monday, we will be making a few announcements, with our new martkist faucet with twitter interactions also our new merchant directory including an otc desk and forum for a more detailed documented community growth and expansion”

Further details are expected via future communiques through Twitter and Discord channels.

OTC Directory and Desk

This option will help direct interaction between traders and sellers and cement the linkage between the two transacting partners. OTC trading is the backbone of any decentralized marketplace with a consensus-based approach.

You can view the Martkist Services Directory now. The new directory lists all the Martkist compatible businesses around the world in a geographically friendly map which is easy to access and view.


More than 20 countries are currently shown to have such capability in all North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Only Africa is remaining but the company is working to partner there as well in the near future.


The current categories include Health, IT services, Professional Services, Legal Services, and Music. More categories are expected to be added into the directory to make it diverse and a real use case for the future.

Online Forum

The new online forum is also being introduced by the Martkist team. The forum will be open for discussion regarding various facets of the platform.

Businesses looking to ask the community and organizers any queries can register themselves on the forum. A simple online form needs to be filled before you can participate in the portal.


General information regarding the project can also be sought and viewed in the “General Information” section. The other section is that of Business Listings. One can view the current listings and interact with the businesses.

Online Faucet Platform

An online faucet platform was launched by Martkist to help more people complete development, social media tasks, and earn valuable rewards from this activity. This faucet is complete with social media integration and will allow effective dissemination of information as well as fair distribution of rewards.

There is a wide range of tasks available for users to undertake within the Faucet to earn rewards. They include weekly validations and tasks to help achieve constant interaction and a dynamic presence rather than just being a bland rewards destination for rigid tasks.

The faucet has a simple login, A+ security features, referral commissions, and an instant withdrawal option. Payments are processed remotely and instantaneously by the system and all of them are handled in MARTK tokens.

Learn more about the faucet platform on the Medium.


Martkist is gearing up for serious disruption of the online marketplace as we know right now by injecting competition and freedom of choice for buyers and sellers around the globe. With increasing global presence and diligent development, Martkist aims to become a platform for tomorrow for all kinds of commercial transactions.

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