ULTRAGATE – Unlocking Massive Investment Opportunities and Passive Income Generation for Crypto Enthusiasts

ULTRAGATE – Unlocking Massive Investment Opportunities and Passive Income Generation for Crypto Enthusiasts

Ultragate Project

So far, we have heard about several blockchain platforms that cater to one or the other unique and specific services. But what if a project offers a multitude of services under one single ecosystem? Here’s presenting ULTRAGATE.

Leveraging the power of blockchain, Ultragate provides users a fast and secure ecosystem comprising of all essential services required by an individual. The Ultragate ecosystem comprises of a job portal as well as a blockchain-based marketplace and an online gambling platform.

Using the power of blockchain and crypto, the Ultragate platform aims to move beyond the traditional ways of exchanging services and money. It also has its native cryptocurrency called the Ultragate Coin (ULG).

The motive behind launching this multi-faceted platform is to perform transactions with the ULG coin and increase the usage of the Ultragate platform among customers. By using blockchain, Ultragate also enhances the security of the products and services transacting through the platform.

Why Investing In Ultragate Is a Great Idea

The Ultragate blockchain ecosystem supports key platforms like Jobgate, Marketgate, and Casinogate.

  • Jobgate: The Ultragate Jobgate platform unlocks new opportunities for the global employable workforce. Employers can post jobs to fulfill vacancies at their end.
    Similarly, freelancers and users from different job communities can apply for projects on the Jobgate platform and receive payments in ULG Coins or Bitcoin (BTC).
    The Ultragate Jobgate platform helps users to earn just using their skills by applying to the job listings. Employers can post jobs from different fields like web development, web design, IT development, digital marketing and other things.
  • Marketgate: The Ultragate Marketgate platform is similar to other marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others. Merchants can list their products here and buyers can make purchases just like any other platform.
    Note that on the Marketgate platform, sellers and buyers can transact only in cryptocurrencies like ULG, BTC LTC, ETH, and DGB.
    The platform allows merchants to connect globally and sell their products worldwide. The platform also facilitates some smart solutions to help business owners and entrepreneurs.
    One such project is ULG cryptocurrency integration with mycryptocheckout. Thus, any eCommerce stores running on WooCommerce can start accepting payments in ULG.
    The Ultragate Marketgate portal also offers peer-to-peer transaction facilities and escrow services.
  • Casinogate: This is the latest addition to the Ultragate ecosystem. The Casinogate platform leverage the power of blockchain to provide transparent and secure online gambling facilities.
    The major problem with the existing online gambling is a massive lack of trust due to the presence of scammy players. The Casinogate betting platform ensures absolute fairness from its SHA-256 backend algorithm. This ensures that all games are absolutely fair without any meddling by outside players.
    All the payouts are absolutely secure and handled remotely by the platform. Besides, the payments are also immediately processed by the platform.

Another major reason to invest with the Ultragate platform is the ability to earn passive income through masternode hosting and staking of the ULG Coins.

Ultragate Masternode Hosting and Staking of ULG Coins

Setting up a masternode with Ultragate is easy and can be done in a user-friendly manner. A masternode is a key computing center in a blockchain system that processes and approves cryptocurrency-related transactions.

The masternode holds a real-time copy of the blockchain and is responsible for the overall security and privacy of the transactions.

Setting up a masternode is a one-time investment that offers users the opportunity to earn great returns. For setting up an Ultragate masternode, one needs to have 50,000 ULG coins.

Presently, the annual ROI with owning an Ultragate masternode is 60-65%. Staking is another unique way to make money from the Ultragate platform.

With staking, users can earn rewards for holding balance in their wallets and contributing to the ecosystem. The staking reward percentage distribution on Ultragate is currently 80% Masternode and 20% Staking of the total block rewards.

Staking is a popular process on blockchain network that runs on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model. Users can stake their respective coins to be a block validator and earn passive income. For the Ultragate network, the minimum staking age is 300 minutes.

Apart from Masternode and staking rewards, users can also participate in several giveaways on the Ultragate Discord channel.

Additionally, Casinogate platform also helps users earn through different profit-sharing features. Ultragate has recently expanded the Casinogate platform by adding more games to it.

Exchanges and Upcoming Developments

The Ultragate Project is listed on a number of popular cryptocurrency platforms like AltMarkets, CoinGecko, Crex24, Coincodex, and others.

Recently, the Ultragate Project was listed on the Graviex crypto exchange with no mandatory requirement of KYC. Ultragate is also discussing futures listings with crypto exchanges like HitBTC, Hotbit, and bigger trading platforms.

Apart from the existing services, Ultragate is planning to introduce Socialgate and Exchangegate that will help to expand its reach to more global users and ultimately help in the platform growth.


Ultragate is a one-of-its-kind blockchain project with low entry barriers for users to participate and earn rewards. Besides, it is a one-stop-solution that caters to a diverse community of entrepreneurs, job seekers, gamers, etc.

Ultragate offers investors a great opportunity to earn passive income with masternode rewards and masternode incentives. While already released 3 platforms, the project is heavily undervalued which makes this project a great cash-cow for long and short term investors.

Check the website, Discord, Telegram, and/or twitter to get more info about Ultragate project.

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