ARTonline | NFT-Oriented Mining Setup With No-Restrictions Staking Solution

ARTonline | NFT-Oriented Mining Setup With No-Restrictions Staking Solution


Sep 20, 2021 — London, UK, ARTonline is an automated platform simulating a mining system without architecting an expensive setup and consuming high electricity, including CPUs and GPUs. ARTonline does not involve any physical mining; rather, it uses an ERC721 non-fungible token-oriented ARTonline Graphics Card to facilitate mining. The users buying these graphic cards can mine ARTonline just as it is done with Bitcoin. The user’s NFTs can be listed on Opensea, and an evolved staking mechanism combined with decentralized burning will help the community generate profits from multiple fronts.

ARTonline PreSale is Up and Running

The ARTonline presale is up and running, it will continue till late September. One ART token is worth $0.01 and there is 600 BNB hard cap. Any investor can have up to 50 BNB. Furthermore, a person investing more than 1 BNB will receive a GPU NFT as a gift. 

Virtual Mining Powered by ARTonline Graphics Card

The ARTonline Graphics Cards are NFTs that are free from any limitations posed by physical mining equipment. In addition to this, users need not spend anything on electricity and use up physical space. An ARTonline’s Graphic card can be stored in the user’s wallet, including MetaMask. 

Every ARTonline’s Graphic Card comes with its unique NFT or ERC721 token that will be unique to that card. Similarly, every graphic card released will have its own NFT. Every graphics card released will also have its dedicated mining pool, and only users who have that card can participate in the pool. 

The rarer graphics card will have a higher mining rate because fewer people can participate in it and vice versa. 

Trading the NFTs on the Market

Since every new version of the graphic card is unique, a market of NFTs will be opened for the community. The users can also buy and sell NFTs on the market, either on OpenSea or any other NFT of their choice. It must also be noted that once the ARTonline Graphics is Sold, the user will also lose access to the mining pool. The cards sold by ARTonline will be sent to a UniSwap liquidity pool. 

Decentralized Burning and Staking/Farming

ARTonline’s staking mechanism is different from the other altcoins. While other altcoin platforms have an initial fee for staking and have strict rules, including the maturity period and lock-in time, ARTonline has no such limitations. 

The users can stake ARTonline as they want. Higher the staked amount means higher returns, and there are no early withdrawal fees, as well as there is no entry fee. Decentralized burning is another way of providing a similar service to the users in a unique manner. 

0.001% share from every transaction is sent to a wallet where the tokens are burned. The process is automated, and it has been programmed to run continuously. 

About ARTonline

ARTonline provides a solution for mining with NFTs, programmed with ARTonline Graphics Card. The platform is moving to the BNB blockchain to save cost, but the long-term plan is to build a bespoke blockchain for ARTonline. The shift to BNB and using ETH as a test net is a temporary mechanism. With its approach, ARTonline is bringing a new way of using the NFTs. It aims to develop a more inclusive and open system for the users when it comes to staking and mining tokens without depending on high-end infrastructure and electricity costs. 

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