Tradeoshi – Latest Binance Crypto Trading Bot Gives People the Opportunity to Trade like a Pro

Tradeoshi – Latest Binance Crypto Trading Bot Gives People the Opportunity to Trade like a Pro


Fujairah, United Arab Emirates – November 3, 2021 – After three years of development and one year as Beta version, Tradeoshi was finally launched on 26th October 2021. Working as one of the most innovative algorithmic trading sequences, the unique AI-based trading bot allows everyone and anyone to become a professional trader and earn big profits. The AI trader works 24/7, applying different trading strategies for the users in the Binance account. Tradeoshi’s Merlin is an AI-based trading algorithm built by traders and developers.

Tradeoshi Merlin and its Features

Merlin is the bot that will trade for users on the Tradeoshi platform. It learns new strategies every day by going through multiple charts, which is not possible for a human mind. With automated trading covered, Merlin also involves quantitative trading features. It quantifies the position of the main crypto markets because of their involvement and ability to make an impact on the entire crypto community.

Merlin’s dollar-cost averaging technique helps make profits sooner after the market reprises from a loss. It also practices short selling to continue making a profit when the price starts to fall beyond a certain point.

To ensure that the users, investors, and traders make better profits, Merlin checks more than 130 different indicators to keep an eye on the current trends and make smarter investment decisions.

Sign In and Start Making Profits

The users need to complete a simple registration process and purchase a license followed by connecting the Tradeoshi account with Binance. Every license holder will be working with an intuitive interface equipped with several configurable features and settings to ensure profits and manage risks.

Merlin integrates risk-averse investment strategies and implements promising trading options to help beginners make profits at par with the trading professionals. To secure and protect the user’s investments, Merlin’s risk management system understands and reads the market in real-time to initiate pump and dump protection, stop loss, rebuys, and work with different trend detection filters to stop the users from making risky investments.

About Tradeoshi

A part of Merebel Group, Tradeoshi was launched to redefine the crypto trading market. The users can participate in intelligent, AI-based, and automated trading strategies while engaging with more than 200 cryptocurrencies. Besides Merlin, an intelligent trading bot, Tradeoshi also allows the community to join the algorithmic trading revolution. The users can build and discuss trading strategies and test them on the backtesting engine to assess their applicability. With Tradeoshi, any user can become a crypto trading professional and start earning from the lucrative market.

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