Baby Floki Doge Set To Reach The Moon WIth Over 12000 Holders

Baby Floki Doge Set To Reach The Moon WIth Over 12000 Holders

Baby Floki Doge

London, United Kingdom – November 2, 2021 – At the time of writing, Baby Floki Doge’s 24-hour trading volume stood at $485,632; it has obtained more than 12,000 holders in two days of its launch since 27th October. Hailed as the golden child of Doge and Floki, Baby Floki Doge is set on its course to reach Mars based on its hyper-deflationary tokenomics. A platform where every transaction is taxed by 6% of the trading volume and 2% is sent as rewards to the existing holders, the owners of $BABYFD will earn by way of a higher value. They can also stake the currency when the staking platform is ready.

Feature Rich Crypto Platform with High-Security System

Baby Floki Doge is a meme coin that works on the basis of a hyper-deflationary contract mechanism. Taking the token burning system to the next level, the burn wallet address of $BABYFD receives the largest supply of tokens, reducing the total circulation supply over time.

The users engaging with Baby Floki Doge will receive higher reflections over time while benefiting from a high-value currency by lowering the token supply. The contract dictating the terms and conditions of reflections, taxation, and burning considers the community’s overall benefit.

Baby Floki Doge development and marketing team is adamant about ensuring that every community member gains the highest profit from the token and that $BABYFD becomes one of the most prized and popular tokens in the crypto space, gaining more ground than Bitcoin.

Tested and Proven System

Before the official launch, Baby Floki Doge was tested via different contracts several times and under different names. To prevent token sniping, the platform leverages anti-sniper bots executed during and after the public launch.

Solidity Finance has audited Baby Floki Doge, and the liquidity has been locked for a minimum of one year.

Taxation, Distribution, and Reflections

Taxing the transactions completed through the platform helps the development and marketing team continue the momentum of building the cryptocurrency. With Baby Floki Doge, this transaction tax is the lowest at 6%.

This 6% tax on buy and sell transactions is broken down to 2%, sent as $BABYFD reflections, and another 2% is allocated to the liquidity pool. The last 2% is reserved for the marketing and development tasks aimed at the growth of Baby Floki Doge.

About Baby Floki Doge

Baby Floki Doge is built by a team of veterans and crypto experts working on a hyper-deflationary system. $BABYFD has an initial token burning contract set in place, which will reduce the circulating supply by 50%. The initial token burning system is further added with a gradual decrease in the price by in-platform burn transactions. Baby Floki Doge aims to create massive income opportunities for the entire community. The users can swap $BNB for $BABYFD on PanCakeSwap and start engaging with a cryptocurrency that brings the best of Dogecoin and Floki to the mainstream.

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