Ultragate Project – Unlocking Passive Income Stream for Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiasts

Ultragate Project – Unlocking Passive Income Stream for Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiasts

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The Ultragate Project is making major noise in the blockchain and the crypto world due to the multitude of services it offers under one Ecosystem. Ultragate caters to the developments of several blockchain-based platforms that help businesses and individuals by leveraging the power of blockchain.

What makes Ultragate special is the varied number of investment and income opportunities it offers. Ultragate platforms like JobGate offer a completely decentralized and peer-to-peer interface to connect job-seekers and employers worldwide. Similarly, its MarketGate platform, a P2P marketplace, allows merchants to sell their goods worldwide over the Ultragate blockchain network.

In addition, the platform also provides several passive income generation opportunities to users. Let’s take a look at how users can earn passive income by being part of the Ultragate Ecosystem.

Ultragate – Passive Income Generation Opportunities

The Ultragate blockchain network offers passive income generation opportunities through masternode hosting, staking as well through the profits-sharing model on the newly launched Ultragate Gaming platform.

Users can host masternodes on the Ultragate blockchain to create a passive income stream. A masternode is one of the primary computing engines of the blockchain and the center for all crypto-related transactions. It holds the real-time copy off the blockchain and is responsible for the overall security and privacy of the network. Setting up masternodes involves one-time investments in the form of deposits. However, masternodes can offer much higher rewards to users.

The Ultragate platform has an easy and user-friendly process for setting up masternodes. Initially, users need to deposit 50,000 ULG coins, Ultragate’s native cryptocurrency. The platform offers a current annual ROI of 50-65% for owning an Ultragate masternode.

In case, users can’t run their dedicated masternode themselves, Ultragate also provides the facility to use a shared masternode platform which requires less deposit and is easier to maintain. For masternode holders, the Ultragate platform also offers several extra mnholder giveaways. To participate in the giveaways, just follow the Ultragate Discord channel.

The Ultragate blockchain has also got different POS/Masternode pools like POSMN, Rapids Host, CRYPOS.IO, Flits, and others.

Since Ultragate blockchain employs a Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus model, staking is another way for users to earn passive income. In nutshell, staking means holding a balance of ULG coins in your wallet and contributing to the ecosystem. In return, users receive rewards for their staking contributions.

Ultragate currently offers 20% of the total block rewards as part of the staking rewards. Higher the staking, the higher the rewards! Also, the minimum staking age with Ultragate is just 300 minutes.

The Ultragate Gaming platform is also a hot destination for online gamers. The platform leverages the power of blockchain to offer absolute transparency and security of the user funds.

The Ultragate Gaming platform includes some of the most -popular online games like Slotgames, Baccarat, and Poker. Ultragate continues to expand its gaming platform by adding more games to it. The Ultragate Gaming platform gives users the opportunity to earn through different profit-sharing features.

Latest Developments – Launch of InstaGate Platform and Mobile Wallets

After months of development, Ultragate has finally announced the launch of its native InstaGate Exchange. Over the InstaGate Exchange, users can make an instant purchase of the ULG Coins against Bitcoin (BTC) in quick simple steps. Since InstaGate Exchange is native to the Ultragate Projects, users can be rest assured about the safety of their funds.

The great thing about InstaGate Exchange is that is doesn’t ask for any user-registration or KYC. All users need to do is enter their email, their ULG address, the number of ULG coins, and finally initiate the purchase.

Apart from it, Ultragate has already partnered with some of the crypto exchanges like Graviex, Crex24, AltMarkets, CoinGecko, Coincodex and others. Very soon, it will be partnering with other popular exchanges like Hotbit, HitBTC, and FatBTC.

Another interesting thing, is that Ultragate has been added to Flits wallet on the two biggest mobile operating systems – iOS and Android. The Flits wallet app offers user-friendly navigation with future-proof design. Just with a two-step setup, users can quickly set up their wallets, masternodes, and staking, all at the touch of their fingers.

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The Ultragate blockchain serves as a one-stop destination for crypto users offering a multitude of services under one Ecosystem. Apart from offering a wide array of decentralized and peer-to-peer services, the platform serves as a lucrative destination for investors.