New Upgrades to OkCash Platform Aims At Better Network

New Upgrades to OkCash Platform Aims At Better Network

OkCash wallet

OkCash (OK) the open-source hybrid cryptocurrency has made considerable progress since its arrival in the market. The cryptocurrency aims to push the mass adoption of digital in the global economy allowing users to make payments for purchases.

However, for this to happen, the OkCash’s native network – OK Network – must ensure that it offers the utmost stability to cater to a large number of users. The developers’ team of OkCash is constantly working on providing better services to the users.

Last month, the team has released an updated version of the OkCash wallet dubbed as the Okcash wallet v5.0.0.3 core Bliss. Let’s take a look at some of the important changes that this update brings.

Okcash wallet v5.0.0.3 core Bliss Upgrade

Below are some of the new upgraded features added to the OkCash wallet for better stability and performance.

  • Network Level Upgrades: The improvements made at the network level include upgraded connections, better initialization response, and removing IRC.
  • Security Level Upgrades: This includes an upgraded SSL compatibility along with Security checkpoints for better network insulation and performance. Besides, the OkCash transactions are already secured by military-grade cryptography offering ultimate protection to your wallets and private keys.
  • Besides, the developers have worked on more decentralization by introducing an upgraded DNSseed connection.
    • The OkCash wallet also comes with an upgrade for aarch64 for the IoT wallets. In addition, the core Bliss upgrade syncs an upgraded UI with the existing network.

Note that the OK wallets are available on all three platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Besides, the OK Network also hosts different mobile wallets like Offline wallets, hardware wallets, and IoT wallets.

Thus, one can easily make mobile payments and micro-payments using the OkCash (OK) cryptocurrency for different products and services. Similarly, you can receive OkCash payments from your customers. This can be done using the essential tools provided by partners like Coinomi, Cryptocurrency Checkout, CoinToPay, etc.

Latest Developments on the OkCash Platform

  • OkCash has recently released a new RPC documentation for new developers and users. This documentation allows users to learn and use the OkCash RPC and leverage the benefits of integrating, using and building their own software to interact with the OkCash blockchain network.

  • OkCash is now supported over the Swapzone platform since last month. Swapzone is basically a gateway between the exchange services and the cryptocurrency community that offers the best exchange rates.

    So if you want to find the best exchange rates for swapping your OkCash tokens, Swapzone is the best place for you.

  • In his latest StealthEX interview, OkCash lead developer Oktoshi explained OkCash’s key features and upcoming developments coming to the platform. One of the key features he discussed was the use of OkCash in facilitating transactions using multi-signatures.

    A multi-sig transaction involves two transacting parties – the sender and the receiver – and an “Escrow”. If the transaction is agreed by both parties, the escrow sends the transactions from the “sender” to the “receiver”. In case of disagreement, the escrow will send back the OkCash coins to the sender after some time.

  • Besides, Oktoshi also spoke on some of the key updates planned in the near future. He said: “you can expect new updates which increase the security, reliability, and ease of use of the wallet for all new and advanced users”.

Additionally, OkCash is also working with other teams to help them integrate their services with OkCash technology.

The developers are working on a self-governance system that will allow anyone to submit their projects. Later, voting is done by the OkCash developers to decide and support its development. Thus, the entire control of the development and growth of the OkCash ecosystem is in the hands of the users which makes it a truly decentralized network.

OkCash Availability and Price Performance

The OkCash cryptocurrency can be purchased on popular exchanges like UpBit, Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, etc. Besides, one can also make OkCash payments on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc by integrating it with the Social Send Platform and Social Send Exchange.

OkCash tokens have a great start to the year 2020. Since the start of 2020, the OkCash (OK) price has surged nearly 125%. At press time, OkCash is trading for $0.035 with a market cap of $2.6 million.

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