WELD Money | Building a New Era of Opportunities By Bridging Crypto and Fiat Worlds

WELD Money | Building a New Era of Opportunities By Bridging Crypto and Fiat Worlds

WELD Money

KYIV, UKRAINE October 12, 2021 / After getting an appreciative response in two conferences, Money of the Future in Ukraine and Money20/20 Europe in the Netherlands, Weld Money is all set to announce its next step into the mainstream crypto community. WELD Money is on a mission to bridge the two extreme worlds of crypto and traditional financial systems. The WELD community can get a seamless payment solution system that will have several functions of the standard crypto wallets but with an added advantage. WELD Money allows the users to use crypto for daily transactions like paying for coffee, gas, groceries, etc.

WELD Money Connects the Traditional and Crypto World

Besides allowing users to transact in the native token, WELD Money includes Kraken, Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Coinbase, etc., connecting wallet with other payment options like Apple Pay, Visa, Trade, and so on.

Users can also do online transactions or use the same as fiat – for shopping, dining, etc. When a user initiates a payment, the WELD wallet will block the payable amount and conduct a bank transaction with an overdraft from the bank.

Once the transaction is complete, the overdraft amount is paid to the bank via WELD wallet. Using the WELD wallet for these transactions does not invite any form of tax, and the users get a convenient way to spend their crypto balance. This way, the WELD Wallet covers up to 70% of the crypto trading market.

Value Addition Created by WELD Money and Wallet

The WELD wallet is built to ensure that users won’t need any other financial application. Besides showing the wallet balance, it also shows the account and card balance along with the pending dues in terms of loans and insurance premiums.

The same wallet shares the transaction history and allows managing the transactions. Using WELD money is easy and cost-effective, also there is no hidden fee. It’s a PCI DSS compliant solution and makes everything convenient, secure, and transparent.

WELD Token Features

The WELD token comes with several innovative features along with the standard functions associated with a crypto token. The users will pay a reduced fee and get progressively increasing limits on their cards. More products and possibilities in terms of Insurance, Credit, and Deposit is set to follow later.

About WELD Money

WELD Money has integrated with Crypto 6AMLD service by Bitfury. Under this, every crypto token is screened for risk levels and exposure to customer exposure, along with a few other aspects. With this said, WELD Money is one of the first platforms to provide seamless connectivity between the crypto and fiat world.

With WELD Wallet installed in the user’s device and access to WELD Money functions, the users can cross over into any world, crypto or fiat, without worrying about soaring high transaction fees and institutional bottlenecks.

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