World Markets AI Managed Accounts – Big Monthly Crypto Returns

World Markets AI Managed Accounts – Big Monthly Crypto Returns

worldmarkets platform

WorldMarkets is a multi-award-winning platform. It is a full-service global firm comprising of a team of professional traders that was established in 2003 as a precious metal dealer. With a global presence and accessible from zones including Asia, it is a provider of several digital trading services including digital gold trading. 

WorldMarkets Platform

From 2017 it began offering AI Managed Trading Accounts extending their services to funds, private banks, and high net worth investors. This is on top of their leveraged, self-directed trading accounts for pro and beginner traders. It excludes those of the US and other sanctioned countries.

WorldMarkets has a broad base and assets under management (AUM) exceed $30 million as clients pull in Average AI Trading Monthly Performance of 21% translating to a 211% year-to-date compounded annualized return. They also serve 25 million retail accounts and the number of clients across the globe now exceeds 50 million. 

The platform is fashioned as a modern terminal supporting an array of financial instruments like precious metals, FX, and cryptocurrencies. The main difference is the introduction of artificial intelligence, a development that changed the way trading is done. And getting started is easy. All one has to do is to open a trading account, digitally sign a trading agreement that permits their professional traders’ trade-only access to your trading account. Then deposit funds. There are various ways of depositing funds as well. After 24 hours, trading can begin. Good news is that one has full access to their accounts, 24/7 and the account balance can be viewed in EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, SGD, HKD, or BTC.

AI-Driven Solutions

WorldMarkets’ unique AI-driven solutions enable speed and tactical decision market while eliminating emotions out of any trade. There is no room for sentiment. The big obstacle for most retail traders who get attached to their trading, failing to be an aim in their execution. To counter this, clients can copy WorldMarkets’ trading team on autopilot via a managed account. They can verify the team’s trading results via a variety of portals including MyFXBook, FXStat, CryptoMax, or Barclays Hedge.

Features of The Platform

Apart from technology, WorldMarkets AI-solutions are executed via a platform that is transparent with low fees, no rebates, or unnecessary markups. It operates on a high-water mark, meaning fees are charged on profits, not compounded on losses. Besides, they have partnered with HY markets. That allows professional traders to take control of their trading activities, investing in stocks, bonds, and more.

Cognizant of user demands, WorldMarkets crafted and offered unique services to their clients while simultaneously knitting them with a modern trading facility. Concurrently, incorporating artificial intelligence for the prediction of market movements has drastically changed traders’ approach.

Notably, there is nothing sleazy about WorldMarkets’ AI tools. They are advanced and designed in a way that efficiency and speed is their strong foothold. These robots scan thousands of trades in every given second. They are searching for low risk, high-risk rewards for traders. Timely entry means profitability and consequently the above-market return of investment, which few algorithms can yield within a specific period.

ROI on WorldMarkets

For example, during the crypto market “winter” of 2018, WorldMarkets’ AI systems returned above market rates as most traders liquidated their holdings at a loss. What’s more. By December 2019, the system was profitable regardless of market direction. From 2017, the ballpark ROI per month of WorldMarkets AI managed account returned over 1% for Gold and 7.35% in Bitcoin. Combined, the average ROI is 21%. 

One of their AI-controlled accounts, The WM AI Managed Account, is automated. Traders can begin with a minimum investment of $5,000 and trade with leverage of up-to 50X. The strategy was first introduced in February 2017 and offers a high level of diversification that improves investor confidence. Impressively, the system only posted losses in February. Then it registered a 15% drawdown but swiftly recovered, steadily adding an average of 21% in subsequent months.

Account Types

There are two types of Managed Accounts:

  • Standard Accounts (minimum investment $€AUD5k), charged a 20% Performance Fee, and a 1% Management Fee.
  • Gold Premier Accounts (minimum investment $€AUD 25k), charged a 10% Performance Fee and a 0.5% Management Fee.

Evidently, AI is shaping trading with impressive returns. Still, the platform searches to strike a healthy balance. Some of their trading accounts are overseen by humans for fine-tuning purposes. With a human touch in some of their implemented AI-controlled trading strategies, clients can trade both traditional and alternative markets in their quest for profitability. 

Towards that goal, only signals that present high rewards with low risks are executed with strict risk management measures in place. That is continuously improved and calibrated to adapt to changing market conditions, news events and adjustment for new trading strategies. Before any position is executed, the team first calculates potential risks.


Overly, WorldMarkets has interesting features specially tailored for retail and institutional traders. With fluctuating prices of featured assets-physical and digital, traders can now capitalize on volatility from a secure, cheap platform that leverages AI.