XchainZ is Ready for Exchanges

XchainZ is Ready for Exchanges


XChainZ is a platform designed to facilitate the secured exchange of digital assets and information quickly to any part of the world. The platform is decentralized and it incorporates the latest technology including AI, the blockchain, and scalable data management systems. It will target workforce assessments, coaching, and workforce training. Xchainz is based on numerous decentralized networks. Stellar Lumens (XLM) powers its smart contracts as well as its inter-currency exchange platform.

Whitepaper Development is Complete

Xchainz has recently completed updates to the version 2.0.1 of its whitepaper. With the white-paper completed, the platform will now focus on listing on a major exchange. This will ensure that the users can buy and sell their XCZ tokens with ease. The XCZ is the main token used for transactions on the exchange.

To ensure acceptance on numerous exchanges, the XchainZ team is working on finding real-world use cases. Most crypto exchanges will only consider the listing of projects that have demonstrated potential via real-world use cases.

Listing on a crypto exchange is of top priority for XChainZ. The team has already worked on several other successful projects that have been listed. For instance, Damon Bryant, one of the directors, is responsible for the development of the Lightpay Coin.

Damon Bryant, one of the directors of XchainZ, has a Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida. He has been collaborating with them on a project to empower Masters of Science in Financial Technology with a 30-hour credit.

The Potential Use Cases

The main potential use case is XCert. A workforce and an educational platform designed for coaching, training, and assessments. Once a learner completes one or more courses, the Stellar Smart Contract will ensure that all requirements for the course were fulfilled. The learner will be then awarded digital credentials. Users of the platform will receive an exportable and verifiable digital certificate, upon completion. The goal of XCert is to offer a new level of self-sovereignty and transparency to the management of the workforce globally.

The acquired skills, time taken to complete, or the place where the course was taken, all details will be included in the certificate. The digital certificate, which will be cryptographically signed, will act as proof. It will be signed using standards developed by Stellar Smart Contracts and Blockcerts open-source technology.

Another potential use case is XPay. The XPay network is focused on digital payments for services and products. Its main use case is payments for online coaching, courses, and assessments. It makes the process more convenient and efficient. Users can also earn XCZ on the platform while they use it for payments. Another advantage of using the XCZ coin is that it helps to lower the cost of transactions while at the same time increasing the speed to any location.

The other product they are working on is XPose. It is a product developed by XChainZ and is an application program interface. XPose is used for interaction with XCert and XPay for certifying content that is generated on the XChainZ platform.

Building a Strong Community

XChainZ realizes that the success of any blockchain project depends on its community. To this end, they have created a rewards program to help grow the community. The most successful tutors and students on the platform will be rewarded in XCZ.

Every time a training module is purchased, the creator will be rewarded. These rewards are accumulated over time and the program is tiered. As a result, the amount of XCZ a participant can receive will increase with time. Additionally, they have a staking program. The amount of XCZ sent to each staking wallet will be proportionate to the amount of XCZ held in that wallet.


XChainZ has solid use cases for its platform. It is going to revolutionize how digital certificates are verified. Listing on a crypto exchange is the next challenge for this platform and the team will deliver results soon for the community.