XChainZ: Revolutionizing The Future Workforce By Leveraging the Power of Decentralized Blockchain and AI

XChainZ: Revolutionizing The Future Workforce By Leveraging the Power of Decentralized Blockchain and AI


The massive technological transformation and disruption over the last decades have significantly changed the nature of jobs in the industry. Interestingly, the coming decade is assumed to be even more challenging, and at the same time exciting.

Exciting because pathbreaking technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence will change the way businesses work and bring massive disruption. However, this massive transformation will come with its own set of challenges.

It is a known fact that technology today is changing faster than at any time in history. This technological disruption is also causing a fundamental shift in education and the nature of the workforce.

The demand for new skillsets is growing very fast to stay sustainable in the market, let alone have any competitive edge. It is needless to say that with this speed of technological transformation, one has to constantly remain on the learning curve.

XChainZ – Building The Workforce for Tomorrow’s Market Needs

To meet these demands of the global workforce of tomorrow, the team behind XChainZ is working on an ambitious project. XChainZ is basically a blockchain-based decentralized platform that facilitates the secure exchange of information at lightning-fast speeds.

The platform seeks to provide trustable & verifiable training, assessments, and certifications for individuals to compete in the competitive market.

With the rapid transformation through new technologies, big organizations can afford millions of dollars in developing new infrastructure and train their employees with new tools. However, small and medium-scale enterprises find it difficult to pour this huge money and are always in the hunt for new talent with the right skill-set.

XChainZ Platform

Thus, the onus comes on individuals to match their skills with the market demand, This is where XChainZ can play a crucial role. The XChainZ platform uses the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and scalable database management systems.

The platform aims to cater to the future industry needs by honing the right talent through the acquisition, assessment, and certification of hard and soft skills needed in the emerging world of work.

The decentralized XChainZ platform will use its native cryptocurrency XCZ to incentivize the training, assessment, and coaching for individuals. To maintain absolute transparency in its process, XChainZ will register the certificates of training completion, coaching, assessment credentials, and payments for services, on its own blockchain or the Stellar blockchain network.

In short, the platform works on tailoring the individual skillsets to the constantly changing requirements of the industry. XChainZ says that it will leverage the power of the Stellar Blockchain network to build smart contracts for the learning and skill implemented during the student process flow, Keybase file system (KBFS) for collaboration, and the storage of learning data, credit accumulation, and a digital certificate(s).

On the other hand, it will use the native XChainZ blockchain platform called XPay for processing payments on completion of these courses.

XChainZ’s native blockchain platform for assessments, training, coaching, and the award of digital credentials is called the XCert.

For its ambitious project, XChainZ has already collaborated with the University of Central Florida and is likely to seize more partnerships in the coming times.